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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Clone Trooper on Speeder
vs. IG Lancer Droid

Date Reviewed: Feb. 6, 2009

Sith Dragon

Clone Trooper on Speeder                                IG Lancer Droid
Cost: 28                                                            Cost: 31
HP: 50                                                              HP: 50 
DEF: 18                                                            DEF: 17   
ATK: 8                                                             ATK: 10
DAM: 20                                                          DAM: 20

Flight                                                                Flight
Speed 12                                                         Speed 12
Strafe                                                               Strafe

Today we do a show down of the bikers.  It is the Biker Clone versus the IG Lancer.  Which is truly better?  The Clone costs two points less. Both have 50 HP.  The clone has the advantage again with one more defense, but the Lancer gains two more attack than the Clone.  Both have 20 DAM.  Flight, speed 12 and strafe make both of these pieces deadly, especially to grunts everywhere.  One major difference is that the Lancer is restricted to melee while the Clone is allowed to shoot.  Granting him mobile through Amidala makes him a bit more long lived. 

So who is the winner?  The lancer hands down.  With the clone having three better stats than the Lancer, you make think the opposite were true, but there is no such thing as an army of one (unless your name is Chuck Norris).  Head ot head the clone will win because he can shoot the Lancer and stay away, but you are going to be running these guys with lots of support and there in lies the difference.  The best the Clone can hope for is Obi-Wan, but his +4/+4 only counts if there is another ally within 6.  If you are strafing, chances are that you are going to be out there all alone.  Tarfull is a better choice here, but that is a lot to pay for a single attack and gimmick.  The lancer on the other hand has the same +4/+4 with no conditions.  It can gain twin attack from the new Greivous, and can be pawned by CS Sidious, allowing for a double strafe that will return it to the same position it started in while having just laid down a massive number of twin attacks.  Keep in mind that the Sep droids are the best group for attack stat boosts, so they are not going to miss often.  The biggest fears the Lancer will have are the Jedi with riposte.  The bonuses to the Lancer are in every way superior to the Clone, making it the better piece by far.

100pts: Neither will work here because they need to much support to work.  Granted, one Lancer could work if you can get the right support.  Most squads are one to two beat sticks with lots of little support.  The bike could pick off all of the little pieces, leaving your opponent at an extreme activation disadvantage.

150pts: The lancer will work pretty well here, but is not quite a dominant piece.  It can get all of the boosts and help it needs, but you will need to be very careful in your support as points left will be at a premium.  The clone still isnt good here.  He doesnt do enough for his points.

200pts: The clone is finally at least a little playable here.  It still wont be a great piece and will need tons of help, but you can dilute its drawbacks.  The lancer  succeeds to the extreme here, especially if you are running two of them.  The big drawback to the lancer is going to be disruptive in the form of Kyle Katarn.


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