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image from Wizards of the Coast

Anakin Skywalker,
Champion of Nelvaan
Clone Wars


Date Reviewed: Feb. 4, 2009

Sith Dragon

Anakin Skywalker, Champion of Nelvaan

Cost: 49
 HP: 120
DEF: 19
ATK: 12
DAM: 20

Twin Attack; Djem So

Force 2
FR1, Grip 10, Block

Today we look at the newest of the Anakins.  We haven't had one for some time, so we needed a newer, better Anakin.  I just dont know if this is it.  The first stat is by far his worst and is what has me turned off the most about this Anakin.  He is a whopping 49 points.  For those points, you get a normal HP, a below average Def that will get lit up fast, and an okay attack. So far its not worth the cost, but a lot of times the abilities cover stat deficiencies.

Abilities are interesting.  He has twin attack.  This is good because he is the first major republic piece to get twin.  Moving and still loosing two attacks is big.  It makes him a natural fit for his main squeeze, Padme, and her free attack.  Djem So is a decent ability.  On Ani with his twin, it can be down right deadly.  If someone hits him with a melee attack he has the chance to hit back twice.  Since a double attack would then trigger two more, assuming the save, it could get ugly fast.

Force powers are pretty simple.  Like a lot of Anakins, he has grip.  This can be nice to pick off small pieces, but it is an ability that i have never though much of.   The sight range does help though.  Finally he has block.  I really dont like this choice.  I would much rather have seen him have deflect.  He is already an anti melee piece with his Djem So.  By giving him block instead of deflect, it basically makes him major hate for melee, but leaves him all but dead against solid shooters.  Deflect would have balanced him and made him good.  As is, I really do not think he is worth his points.  Put him in the low 40s and he is a bit better.  He is jsut too one sided.

100pts: Here he could do well as he can drop most melee pieces here in a heart beat.  He can add Padme for more offense and his block/djem is a nightmare for the melee beats.  Against shooters he will suffer, but again that can be built for.  Plus with R2 doombot, any character is better.

150/200pts:  He can work in either of these.  The fact i do not like him and think he is too expensive for a one sided buffalo does not mean that he isnt a quality piece.  If you can build around him he can really dish some damage, but playing Nelvaan Anakin will take some practice in both running and building for him.  He should have had deflect or been 5-8 points cheaper.


Anakin Skywalker, Champion of Nelvaan

Faction: Republic

Cost: 49

HP: 120

Defense: 19

Attack: +12

Damage: 20





Djem So Style

Twin Attack



Force 2

Force Renewal 1

Force Grip 1

Lightsaber Block



            Ah my first review in a while and its Ani Champion of Nelvaan I like this piece especially with Yobuck swap squads so I can have a power Jedi to fall back on if Yobuck runs into a big character he can’t handle.  But is Ani the best 45-55 point Jedi in the Republic?  Personally I think no I’d rather use Shaak Ti, JM, but this Ani definitely has some nice things to go with him.


            His stats aren’t all that great for his points. His 120 HP is decent while the 19 defense and +12 attack are below average. The damage is a standard 20. But he’s pretty good from there on out.


            He is definitely the most anti melee character combining Djem So with Twin attack and block which means you can block an attack then smack the person, for 40 damage assuming all attacks hit.  His force powers are pretty good grip 1 has its uses especially against trooper swarms and block is good while deflect would have been better.


            So all in all he makes for a good piece with some nice anti-melee abilities and if the national meta moves toward a melee component like in the times of the JWM then this piece will become very good.

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