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image from Wizards of the Coast

Battle Droid Sergeant
Galaxy at War


Date Reviewed: December 1, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.33
200 pt: 3.90


Battle Droid Sergeant (3/40, Galaxy at War—Uncommon; HP20, DEF 13, ATT 3, DAM 20, DEP             

            Harkening back to the old Battle Droid Officer of Clone Strike days, the Droid armies of the Separatists gain a nice, cheap, non-Unique support piece in the form of a Battle Droid Sergeant. Where the Battle Droid Officer gave Fire Control which boosted the Battle Droid’s measly attack bonus, the Battle Droid Sergeant’s Roger Roger gives all non-Unique Droids within six squares a +10 bonus to damage. Boosting the Battle Droid’s offensive capabilities is always a plus as they’re pretty weak overall. The best part is that since Roger Roger is not a Commander Effect, pieces with Disruptive can’t jam him up.           

            Like all other Battle Droids, this guy is really weak and won’t take too much effort to kill. However, like other Battle Droids he is pretty cheap. However, he’s still a lot pricier than the original Battle Droid Officer and has the within six squares limitation. 

100 POINTS: Here, Battle Droid armies just don’t really work. Don’t run him here. SCORE: 1 

200 POINTS: In this field, with the proper support, he can really shine. You’ll really want to make sure you pack at least three of these guys and at least that many Battle Droid Officers. Placed correctly around the map, a 3-point Battle Droid can shoot at +3 to hit for 20 points of damage. Admittedly, they’re still not going to hit big things much but that’s still a lot better than they used to be. You’ll also probably need to Bodyguard the Sergeant with a lot of protection since he’ll draw pretty heavy fire and he’s really not terribly well equipped to take it. Still, he’s an impressive piece that will be a real asset in Separatist Droid armies. SCORE: 4

Darth Mauler

            The Separatist faction has some of the best support pieces for increasing the damage output of their attackers. Double Attack is available in a number of ways. Attack can be boosted by 12 points without overlap. Extra Attack and Twin Attack are also accessible. When creating the Battle Droid Sergeant, however, the Confederacy of Independent Systems ventures into new grounds.

            The Battle Droid Sergeant has 20 hp, which is poor at even at only 16 points of cost. 13 defense is low, as is 3 attack. 20 damage is good. However, these miserable stats should not be a factor if the character is played right.

            The droid special ability is obvious. Since the Battle Droid Sergeant is also a non-unique follower, the character becomes subject to a wide array of Commander Effects. But with all the existing droids available for the Separatists that are cheaper and stronger, this is fairly unimportant. The main focus of the Sergeant is that it has the unique special ability Roger Roger. That’s right folks: that famous movie line that is said as much as “I have a bad feeling about this” or “May the force be with you” is now an ability. Thus, this ability is bound to be abused just for the jokes. It grants +10 damage to Non-Unique droid allies within 6 squares. In errata, it is limited to allies that already have a damage rating, so no Mouse Droid armies. I would much rather have seen a defense boost instead of a damage boost, since damage output can already be boosted by great amounts in the Separatist faction, while defense can only be boosted by GGDAC, and only by 4 points. Since it is limited to within six squares, the Battle Droid Sergeant needs to stay close to the front line. Be careful with this character because it is going to be a prime target for accurate shooters with its measly 20 hp. If you can keep it behind a wall, though, this should not be a problem.

           I have run the Battle Droid Sergeant. It was a fairly effective boost, but I had to sacrifice some other pieces to keep it safe. Make sure you apply its bonus when it is most effective instead of just rushing it forward. (It is comparable to the Czerka Scientist, although the Czerka is arguably more valuable) It is a fair piece, but it is a bit expensive for what it does and how it does it.

100 pts.: 1/5 Until there is a major non-unique Droid beatstick, which is unlikely to happen, this piece will not be worth much.

150 pts.: 2/5 Most droid squads will not be able to fit this piece in here. There is already a lot of support that can be used, and this character is not on my top list.

200 pts.: 3.5/5 This format is where the Battle Droid Sergeant can see the most use. Try it with the B3 Ultra Battle Droid, or some IG-86 Assassin Droids. It could prove effective.


Battle Droid Sergeant

Cost: 16
HP: 20
Def: 13
Att: 3
Dmg: 20

Special Abilities:

Droid, Roger Roger (Non-unique Droid allies within 6 squares who have a base damage of 10 or higher get +10 damage)

Ever since Clone Strike, players have been asking for a reprint of the ever-useful Battle Droid Officer. With Galaxy at War, fans almost get what they’re looking for (just not totally). The Battle Droid Sergeant (BDS) is an interesting piece. Its stats are below average by a good deal and it comes with a cost of 16. You won’t be throwing this guy in as filler.

He comes with Droid (no duh…) and a new ability, Roger Roger. +10 damage to non-unique droid allies within 6 squares who have a base damage of 10 or higher (no shooting mouse droids for you!). Looks incredible on paper, but how useable is it in-game? The +10 damage is incredible for sure. However, the range restriction is very hampering. The BDS has minimal defenses and even with GGDAC, he’s only at a 17 defense. Enemies with a high attack and/or Accurate Shot will be this guy’s worst enemy. If you can manage to maneuver him into a safe position that benefits your pieces well, go for it. Just remember that accidentally sticking him out in the open gives your opponent an easy 16 points.

100: 2/5 I sincerely hope you aren’t going to try playing him in 100. There just isn’t any room for secondary support pieces like the BDS.

150: 3/5 You can try him out here, just remember that you must keep him away from enemy fire.

200: 4/5 This is the best place for the BDS. Once again, keep him away from enemy fire for maximum effect. Battle Droid swarms with Gha Nachkt could be a real pain with this guy…

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