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image from Wizards of the Coast

Kyle Katarn, Combat Instructor
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: August 5, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
200 pt: 2.50


Kyle Katarn, Combat Instructor - 46 points
Faction: New Republic
HP: 140
Defense: 19
Attack: 13
Damage: 20
Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Disruptive, Lightsaber Duelist
Force 2, Force Renewal 1, Lightsaber Block, Lightsaber Riposte, Master of the Force 2
Commander Effect:
Allies within 6 squares gain Lightsaber Duelist.

Today we take a look at the new Kyle Katarn from Jedi Acadamy. It seems they decided to make him a bit different from Jedi Battlemaster, who was pretty self-sufficient. This Kyle is more of a team-player which can be an absolute pain when used against melee pieces.

First of all, the stats are decent but a little low what you would expect for 46 points. The 140 hitpoints is good but the 19 defense and 13 attack are a bit low for what you would expect at this level. Kyle does have quite a few abilities that will make his life easier, though. First of all, this Kyle has Disruptive, an ability that negates enemy commander effects. Disruptive may be one of the most underrated abilities in the game, as it can single handedly turn the tide of the game in your favor.

Aside from that, this Kyle seems to be built to counter other Jedi. With an awesome combination of Lightsaber Duelist, Lightsaber Block, Lightsaber Riposte, and Master of the Force 2, this piece can be an absolute pain for any Jedi. Lightsaber Duelist raises his defense to a much improved 23 while Lightsaber Block and Riposte will give you a chance to block and counter against any hit. You can even combine him with the new Leia Skywalker, Jedi Knight to re-roll his Lightsaber Block saves. Unfortanutely, this still doesn't account for his inability to take nonmelee hits. He can be an absolute pain for melee units, but against shooters he will go down quickly.

His commander effect is somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, Lightsaber Duelist can be a useful thing to pass to allies within 6 squares. Once again, against a Jedi-heavy squad, this can be a very useful commander effect. However, against the more common (in this current format) shooters, this is still pretty useless. Not to mention the fact that he is a commander denies him access to General Wedge, which denies him the Evade he so desperately needs to survive against nonmelee threats. Still, he can be used in combination with Wedge to give all followers Lightsaber Duelist as well as Evade, which could be useful in itself, but still... I would almost have rathered him not to have this commander effect.

The piece isn't bad. The problem is that we already have a better Kyle Katarn for most situations, his Jedi Battlemaster version. For just 8 more points, he gets slightly higher stats, an extra attack, Gernades 40, and a larger array of good offensive force powers. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Jedi Battlemaster is a follower and therefore gets access to Evade and Mobile Attack? This Kyle can be good, but he will have trouble outshining his other self. The only reason you would run this Kyle over the old one is for the Commander Effect, which is iffy at best.

100 points: 1.5/5, A 46 point commander that is outdone by another version of himself... there is no reason to use this version over Jedi Battlemaster in this format.

200 points: 2/5, He may be able to see some use here but I still don't like him.

Sculpt: 2/5, It's alright.

Kyle Katarn, Combat Instructor (29/40, Rare—Jedi Academy; HP140, ATT13, DEF19, DAM20, DEP46)             

            I really like this version of Kyle Katarn and it’s a really good reflection of the version you see in the video game Jedi Academy. Kyle is supposed to be the New Jedi Order’s combat specialist. As such, he comes equipped with Lightsaber Duelist. Being able to teach that ability is reflected in his commander effect which gives Lightsaber Duelist to characters within six squares of him. Throw in a few Mouse Droids and suddenly your New Republic Jedi squads have some pretty big teeth and pretty big defense numbers if you happen to be facing off against another squad of Force users. However, Kyle is not limited to just being an instructor. His stats are pretty solid as Jedi go and thanks to Disruptive, he can really help mess up your opponent’s commander effects by stripping them from characters within six squares of him.             

            His Force powers reflect his impressive skills with a lightsaber. With both Lightsaber Block and Lightsaber Deflect, he can protect himself from damage across the board and thanks to Master of the Force 2, he can protect himself twice per round. Not only can he Block attacks, he also has the option to use Lightsaber Riposte to dish back damage. Conceivably, he can do 60 points of damage (two hits from a Double Attack and another one from a Lightsaber Block and Lightsaber Riposte combo—as much as 80 if you decide not to block any melee attacks coming in at him) in a turn, which is pretty impressive. Add in his Force Renewal 1 to keep him flush with Force points and Kyle is a pretty solid figure.           

            However, he does have a couple weaknesses. His defense score of 19 isn’t that wonderful, though is on par with other versions of Kyle (one point higher than the original from Universe and one lower than Jedi Battlemaster out of Legacy) but unlike the other defense-weak Kyle, he doesn’t have Stealth to protect him. Though he does have the ability to ward off damage thanks to his Lightsaber Block and Lightsaber Deflect, it’s still a pretty big drawback and you’ll have to place Kyle carefully if you want him to last long.

100 POINTS: Here, he’s honestly not that bad a fit. In a format that is generally dominated by Force-using beat sticks (save a few notable exceptions) giving a squad access to Lightsaber Duelist via Kyle’s commander effect could be pretty strong. Though the New Republic does lack a very strong beat stick, the combination of Kyle and Shado Vao could be pretty nasty and give the New Republic some presence at the 100 point level. SCORE: 3.5 

200 POINTS: Kyle will become a little less effective as a commander here since there are more people that can reap his benefits, however, with the growth in number of Disruptive pieces out there, Kyle is going to have to be careful that he doesn’t get jammed up by those pieces as well. His damage output is pretty solid compared to other New Republic pieces, however since the big squads at the 200 point level aren’t all Force-using beat stick based, his Lightsaber Duelist commander effect may not wind up coming in to play as much at this level. He’s still a solid piece, but he won’t be used to his fullest at this level because of this. SCORE: 3

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