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Mini of the Day

Jedi Crusader
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: August 3, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
200 pt: 3.00

Sith Dragon Jedi Crusader
Old Republic
Cost: 23
DEF: 18
ATK: 10
DAM: 20

Affinity(Malak/Revan), double attack

Force 3
Force Push 2, Block

This is a rather interesting character. For 23 pts you get pretty average stats. Force push 2 is nice when facing multiple attackers, and you also have block. With only 3 force points though you will run out pretty quickly.

Where this character differs from others is in the affinity. This character allows you to bring in either Malak or Revan into your OR squad. At first thought this is great. It was affinities like this that allowed the new republic to grow so fast with so few characters, but lets take a closer look at this. Revan is 88pts. That right there is most of your squad and you have yet to bring anything menacing into your squad. Revan isnt playable as a Sith and the weak OR wont provide any better home for him. Granted the guardian would now have a +14ATK, but that will not be enough.

For Malak we have two choices. The original Malak really isnt a bad piece, but his problem has always been the lack of defense or anything special. That and his CE is worthless. The newer Malak is a much better choice as he has an array of offense as well as boosting all followers by +4ATK. That can be huge. Since the crusader and Malak are only 72pts, you still have lots of options.

The new Malak is the ONLY reason to run the Crusader. If you are not trying to bring in Malak or Revan the old Jedi guardian would be my choice over the this character because of the +2ATK.

100pts: There is never a reason to run OR in 100. It will lose every time. There just isnt anything there.

150pts: Here i would not run this character unless bringing in the newer Malak. Malak can offer some help to the OR, but the crusader is otherwise not worth it here.

200pts: While more effective here, I still would not run the crusader unless i was trying to bring in Revan or Malak. Revan can give you Master Tactician to attempt to pull off an intuition/Nomi force strip, but that is going to be rare at best. Malak would still be your best choice. Either way you wont need more than one of this piece. A few of these could give you a bunch of pushes, but that wont do enough damage to make it possible for them to polish off what is left.

Jedi Crusader (2/40, Uncommon—Jedi Academy; HP80, ATT 10, DEF 18, DAM 20, DEP 23)             

            For 23 points to deploy, the Old Republic picks up a pretty nice mid-range Jedi fighter. First of all, her Affinity allows you to bring in characters with either Malak or Revan into your squad. With either version of Malak in your squad, you bring in a solid fighter with a decent commander effects. Bringing in Revan brings access to Master Tactician for the Old Republic , which is always a plus. Add in that Revan’s commander effects are also pretty good and you have a very good reason to bring him along for the ride. With Double Attack (and the standard Jedi Melee Attack) she’s decent fighter and won’t have too much trouble battling other mid-level Jedi with her +10 to hit.             

            Her Force powers also compliment her nicely. Lightsaber Block provides her with a degree of protection from other Melee Attack figures. If a Jedi wants to last long they need to have either Block or Deflect. But she also has Force Push 2, which gives her some ranged attack capabilities, able to do 20 points of damage against a character at a range of 6 squares.             

            While she’s a pretty well balanced figure, she does have a couple of flaws. The Old Republic is one of the few factions without a dedicated Force battery. As such, she’s only going to be able to use Force Push once or she can use Lightsaber Block three times. This is going to hamper her effectiveness to a degree just because both of those powers are very useful to her and she can’t use them as much as possible. While her Affinity is nice, the three pieces (two versions of Malak and one version of Revan) are also quite expensive (52 and 49 for the two Malaks and 88 for Revan). Taking advantage of those pieces will decrease your ability to bring in other solid Old Republic pieces and it could wind up being a trade off. It should also be noted that if you’re like me and only have the original Malak from Champions of the Force, that version really won’t be that useful because his commander effect only helps characters when they’re combining fire. The Old Republic already can already boost combined fire bonuses in the form of two characters with Battle Meditation and they can also do it for cheaper. 

100 POINTS: While she’s a solid piece, she just doesn’t quite have enough power behind her to be very effective. With her price, her Affinity can only let you bring in a version of Malak at this level. Of the two, Malak is definitely the weaker of the two Sith that can be brought into your squad this way. SCORE: 2.5 

200 POINTS: Here, she can be a lot more effective just because you’ve got more points to play with. You can bring in both Malak and Revan for about 140 points (adding in her cost your squad is sitting at 163 points). While this will mean your squad is a little low on activations, its sheer power might be enough to make up for that fact. SCORE: 3


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