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image from Wizards of the Coast

Jedi Battlemaster
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: August 26, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
200 pt: 4.50



Jedi Battlemaster - 27 points

Faction: Old Republic

HP: 110

Defense: 19

Attack: 11

Damage: 20

Abilities: Melee Attack, Double Attack, Lightsaber Duelist

Force 4, Force Leap, Lightsaber Assault, Lightsaber Block, Lightsaber Deflect


I'll make this simple for everyone: The Jedi Battlemaster is the Jedi Weapons Master for the Old Republic. That pretty much sums up his role in teams as well as what he can do. But I'll go over it again for the sake of saying something. As for stats, you just can't get much better for 27 points. 110 HP with 19 defense means this guy can stick around for awhile. 11 Attack is good enough to hit most things without much trouble. The damage of 20 is the standard for melee Jedi.


And then enter the long list of useful ability that the Jedi Battlemaster has at his disposal. Double Attack is standard, and Lightsaber Assault really helps his surviveablity against other Jedi, bringing his defense to an amazing 23. At 4 Force, it gives him enough to last for awhile but its still a finite ammount so you have to use them wisely. He does have a great deal of useful force powers. Having both Lightsaber Block and Lightsaber Deflect allows him to increase his surviveability even more because he can block any attack with a save of 11. Force Leap is useful in certain situations, and while it isn't the best force power ever, it can help if the situation is right. As for Lightsaber Assault... I don't need to explain why being able to move and still attack twice is good, do I?


His largest weakness right now as it stands is... his faction. Not to say that I don't like where they placed him though. He is something the Old Republic needed for a long time - a good, non-unique follower Jedi. And boy did they get it here. There are a few pieces you can use with this. The Jedi Exile will give him Triple Attack, always a nice quirk when you can get it off. Bring in the Crusader with Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith to raise his mediocre attack by 4 to a much better 15. Or you could always use Bastila Shan to give him +2/+2, raising his attack and putting his defense at an even more rediculous level.


100 points: 3/5, Considering the biggest beatstick the OR has is the Jedi Exile, he can fit into a 100 point squad easily and can actually hold his own.


200 points: 5/5, Here I consider him almost a staple for the Old Republic. A great non-unique Jedi with a bunch of uses really increases the playability of the Faction. Just use him here.


Sculpt: 4/5, I can't tell if I like this sculpt a lot or hate it a lot. On one hand, its awesome. On the other hand, in still motion, it looks like he hovers around the battlefield.


Jedi Battlemaster (1/40, Uncommon—Jedi Academy; HP110, ATT 11, DEF 19, DAM 20, DEP 27)             

            For only 27 points, the Old Republic picks up an amazing mid-range Jedi fighter that really kind of replaces the old Jedi Guardian from Champions just because this one is so much more versatile. The stats (compared to the Guardian) get a beefy extra 30 hit points and gain a +1 bonus to its defense score. The Battlemaster also picks up Lightsaber Duelist which gives him an additional +4 bonus to defense (raising him to a 23) when facing your opponent’s Force users. Though it does lose a point on its attack bonus, its other benefits really outweigh everything else. You’re getting all these changes, plus a lot of other Force powers for an increase of only four points to deploy.             

            Like the Republic’s Jedi Weapons Master, where this guy really becomes worth his weight in gold is all the Force powers. He has the three major useful lightsaber based powers, Lighsaber Assault, Block and Deflect. All three of these are infinitely better than the old Lightsaber Sweep that the Guardian came with. Assault is a versatile power and gives him access to his Double Attack even if he moves. Block and Deflect protect him from your opponent’s shooters and swingers, which is always a plus. Thus far he looks exactly like the Jedi Weapons Master, but he also has Force Leap which can help you get him out of sticky situations by letting him move without provoking attacks of opportunity.             

            This piece adds some much needed, non-Unique beef into the Old Republic. His stats are impressive and his Force powers are great, and he only deploys for 27 points. The only real drawback is that the Old Republic is one of the few factions that hasn’t picked up a Force battery just yet. Once Wizards makes one, these guys will be nearly unstoppable. 

100 POINTS: Here, I think he can see some serious play and will really bolster Old Republic squads at the 100-point level. He’s not all that expensive so you can still build a lot of extra support in there, and really, none of the Old Republic Force-user beat sticks are really that pricey either so the squad could be pretty solid. With 110HP, he could really out do some of the Old Republic’s options for main squad focus just on that stat alone. SCORE: 3 

200 POINTS: With more points to play with, this character really becomes even better. With 200 points to play with, you can easily put two or three Battlemasters in before you start to negatively affect your squad’s activation numbers. That is pretty impressive when you look at how much they each bring to the table. The biggest drawback is that the Old Republic really doesn’t synergize with itself that well, but even without solid inter-faction synergy, these guys are pretty powerful. SCORE: 4

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