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image from Wizards of the Coast

Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: August 24, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.00
200 pt: 2.75


Felucian - 7 points
HP: 10
Defense: 15
Attack: 7
Damage: 20
Abilities: Melee Attack, Parry
Force 1, Force Blast

This is actually a really cool piece from the new Jedi Acadamy set. Usually scrub pieces like this are overlooked, but I believe in this piece. It's just too funny to pass up! Felucians are an interesting scrub piece that may find its way into squads as grunts. Let's take a look, shall we? The Felucian costs a mere 7 points. This makes him a bit more expensive than your usual cannon fodder, but still very low costing. 10 HP for 7 points seems a little low, espessially when combined with 15 defense, but Parry helps a little against melee enemies. At 7 attack and 20 damage, he can also be pretty cheap damage. 7 attack for 20 damage is actually very good for a 7-costed unit!

As for force powers, the Felucian only has 1 with Force Blast, a new ability that does 20 damage with a save of 11. While the save is a bummer, its nice to have at least some way to do damage at range with the Felucian. And with a mere 7 attack, you'll be surprised how many times that you have a better chance to hit with a Force Blast than a regular Melee attack.

Overall, a decent grunt. Against melee enemies, Felucians can actually do some damage surprisingly. As long as you keep getting lucky with Parry rolls, he could stick around for awhile to annoy your opponent with his +7 attack for 20 damage goodness. And don't forget about Force Blast, either! While its only about a 50% chance to go off (even less than that against force-using enemies), its still a nice bonus to a piece that is already pretty solid. Personally, I'm trying to collect a large number or these for a campaign I want to run... and let me say by the ones I currently have, these things are fun!

100 points: 1.5/5, Probably be too hard to fit them into a squad. At 7 points, you'd probably want to simply go with two Ugnaughts for extra activations and door control. Still, if you can fit in a few with your beatstick... they could get lucky against your opponent's beatstick with Parry, right?....Right???

200 points: 2.5/5, I bet you could find a use for them in 200 points. With so many options and being a non-unique fringe follower and cheap 20 damage, finding combos with this piece isn't too hard. The new Qui-Gon gives him +4 attack, to a much more respectable 11. Throw him in a New Republic squad to get Evade and Mobile from Wedge, then allow him to reroll his Parry and Evade rolls with Leia. In the right squad, these things could hold their own in your squad!

Sculpt: 4/5, Felucians are win.

Felucian (32/40, Common—Jedi Academy; HP 10, ATT 7, DEF 15, DAM 20, DEP 7)             

            A mere seven points puts a pretty interesting piece onto the table. While its stats are absolutely horrible, its abilities are quite interesting. With Parry it will be harder for your opponent’s Melee attackers to hit him hard. Since he has a Force rating, it will now be possible (with careful usage of a Muun Tactics Broker) for Anakin and Jacen Solo to have early access to Unleash the Force 60 if you’re willing to sacrifice him.             

            Force Blast is a pretty nice way to spend its lone Force point. Any time a Melee-based character can do damage at range, it’s helpful. However, it does allow a save so you may wind up wasting its one Force point on something that may not do any damage.             

            This piece isn’t that bad for seven points, but it’s definitely not a game breaker. 

100 POINTS: Here, it’s pretty cheap and if you’re looking for a way to fill out the last 10 points of a squad, it’s not a bad option. Putting it in still leaves you with the magic three points needed to bring in an Ugnaught Demolitionist, but still gives you a decent piece. As long as you don’t expect it to last too long, you’re going to be all right. SCORE: 2.5 

200 POINTS: Here, it’s definitely worth the seven points if nothing else for going into a New Republic squad with a Muun Tactics Broker and a Gonk droid to give Anakin and Jacen Solo fast access to Unleash the Force 60. Even if you don’t run a Tactics Broker/Gonk bomb combo, leaving it in the right place early on will still let you accomplish the same thing.  It can dish out some damage and has a pretty decent attack bonus so if it does last long enough to get in combat, it can be pretty effective. SCORE: 3

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