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image from Wizards of the Coast

Master K'Kruhk
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: August 19, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.13
200 pt: 2.50

Sith Dragon Master K'Kruhk
Cost: 52
HP: 150
DEF: 20
ATK: 12
DAM: 30

Double Attack, Avoid Defeat

Force 4
Heal 20

Master K may look like a weapon of pain for your opponent, but if you play him at all you will find he generally fails to live up to expectations. A large part of it is that even with all of his tricks and abilities, he is still over costed. His HP is exceptional, his DEF is solid, but his ATK is a horrid 12, meaning against most top Jedi seeing play, he needs 12s or 13s. The 30 DAM is great, but if you cant hit your target, it isnt worth much. He has double, which is standard anymore. It can be nice to do 60 DAM, but again you have to hit first. Avoid defeat is a ncie ability, but it is one you cannot rely on. I have never made an avoid defeat in a tournament game.

His force package is nice, but they limited him to only 4 force points. Its a good total, but it means between rerolls and 1 heal you will be out in no time. Leap is a power that i rarely see used. It might help to disengage from Grand Master Luke, but other than cases like that it wont be used. He has deflect, so at least he has some ranged defense.

K'Kruhk is a character that everyone want to love and use, but he is just way over costed. He should ideally be in the mid 40s. At 52 you are just passing up on too many other good things to try adn work him, whether it be better tech, activations or a solid commander.

100/150: Dont even try him here. As i said he is way too expensive and ineffective for either of these.

200: If you want to play him here he is passable, but melee is going to have a hard time doing anything with GM Luke running around. You will always have better options. He needs to be cheaper, have better attack, or force renewal.

Master K'Kruhk - 52 points
HP: 150
Defense: 20
Attack: 12
Damage: 30
Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Avoid Defeat
Force 4, Force Heal 20, Force Leap, Lightsaber Deflect

So today we review what is, in my opinion, the largest dissapointment in the Jedi Acadamy set. When I learned we were getting a K'Kruhk, I was estatic. An incredably cool Jedi likely to have affinity for one of my favorite factions, the New Republic? Sounds great to me! And at his 52 point cost, I thought he might have some interesting abilities, too. My hopes and excitment was shattered when I saw the stats of this figure. First of all, what gives with the no New Republic affinity? That was one of K'Kruhk's claim to fame- the fact that he survived the Jedi Purge and eventually joined the new Jedi Order. To not have the Affinity seems wrong to me, and they missed a great oppurtunity to further improve that faction. Furthermore, the figure itself leaves a lot to be desired.

For a heavy 52 point cost, the stats are interesting, but below the norm. While the 150 HP is pretty good, 20 defense and 12 attack aren't too great for a piece of this cost. 30 base damage is good and a nice surprise. A lot of pieces are saved by their abilities, but I don't think this is the case for K'Kruhk. He has Double Attack, but then again, all Jedi seem to these days. His double attack does hit for 60, but that still isn't great in today's high damage output metagame. He does have a rather interesting ability, Avoid Defeat, but two saves can really be hard to get and it still levaes K'Kruhk at 10 HP, allowing any scrub piece to finish the deal. He has 4 Force, which is good but Force Renewal would've been better. He does have Force Heal 20, an interesting ability but with a limited ammount of force not very practical. Force Leap is a cool force power but is only useful in certain situations, and Lightsaber Deflect increases his surviveability and is an excellent defensive ability.

The problem is, that is all K'Kruhk is. He's just not something special. He does have some decent defensive abilities if you are good at making saves, but the damage output isn't there. At 52 points, he costs the same as two Jedi Weapons Masters. And to be honest, the two Jedi Weapons Masters are infinately more useful than K'Kruhk. There really aren't many exciting combos with this piece either. You could try running K'Kruhk with CS Yoda to reroll saves, but at that point you are still spending far too many points on two figures... and the two Jedi Weapons Masters would probably still be better with Yoda. Poor K'Kruhk... such a cool Jedi gets ruined by such a horrible figure.

100 points: 1/5, Almost unplayable here. Won't stand up long against this format's beatsticks, and you can't afford him at more than half of your army.

200 points: 1.5/5, Could bring some support for him here but he definatly is outclassed by two JWM. The only reason I would even consider playing with him is because he's cool.

Sculpt: 4/5, The one redeeming quality about this figure. Who doesn't like funny looking aliens pretending to be samurais?

Master K’Kruhk (16/40, Very Rare—Jedi Academy; HP150, ATT 12, DEF 20, DAM 30, DEP 52)             

            For a relatively large 52 points, fan-favorite character Master K’Kruhk comes out to the table and brings a pretty nice bag of tricks, though he’s definitely not a game-changer. Avoid Defeat is a pretty nice power, if you can pull it off and in most cases, without bringing in the original Clone Strike Yoda, it’s a pretty tall order. Mercifully, Master K’Kruhk is a Force user so he can reroll misses, which does make it a little easier. However, in my experience with characters that have Avoid Defeat, it is shockingly hard to pull off. Not only is he relatively hard to kill, he’s a pretty nasty fighter. His +12 bonus to attack coupled with his solid damage score of 30 points and Double Attack, he can really do a lot of damage.             

            His Force powers are also a pretty nice collection of Jedi abilities. Force Heal 20 is nice and can still be used on himself so he can extend his life further. Force Leap gives him the ability to move in and out of combat without provoking attacks of opportunity, which is always nice for Jedi to have. Finally, his Lightsaber Deflect provides him with protection from your opponent’s shooters. These all come together to create a nicely balanced piece.             

            However, while he might me a pretty nicely balanced piece, he’s still got some problems. At 52 points to deploy, anymore that should move him into the class of characters with Force Renewal, but he doesn’t get that ability. Though coupled with Avoid Defeat, it would make him cost likely 10 extra points to remain balanced, but I think it would probably be worth it. Avoid Defeat is also a very fickle power if you don’t have Clone Strike Yoda in your squad (a pairing that is impossible at the 100 point level) and when it’s a character that’s as expensive as Master K’Kruhk, it would be nice if it were more reliable. Finally, again deploying at 52 points, he lack of Master of the Force seems odd. Again, it would make him more expensive since that would have a profound effect on Avoid Defeat, it would again be worth it to make it a stronger and more reliable piece.             

            Overall, Wizards did a pretty solid job capturing the essence of this character. However, the lack of two key abilities and a higher price point does pretty strongly limit his effectiveness. 

100 POINTS: Here, he could be an absolute beast. At 52 points, there’s still plenty of room for a secondary beat stick and with his 60 points of damage per turn he can be a pretty nasty fighter. With his 150 hit points, it’s also going to take a concentrated effort to take him down. However, his price point here does preclude his most effective ally from coming in, the aforementioned Clone Strike Yoda. SCORE: 2.5 

200 POINTS: Here, Clone Strike Yoda can join the party, but that’s going to be well over half your squad so it will be a gamble for you to put all your eggs in the baskets of Yoda and Master K’Kruhk. It could be a pretty annoying squad to run into, if backed with the right combination of shooters. SCORE: 3

Gunnar "Darth
Malstrom" Malstrom
Master K'Kruhk (VR-Republic)
Cost: 52
HP: 150
Def: 20
Att: 12
Dam: 30

Special Abilities
Melee Attack (Can attack only adjacent enemies)
Double Attack (On his turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving)
Avoid Defeat (Whenever this character would be defeated, make 2 saves, each needing 11; if both succeed, this character has 10 Hit Points instead of being defeated)

Force Powers
Force 4
Force Heal 20 (Force 2, replaces attacks: touch; remove 20 damage from a living character)
Force Leap (Force 1: This turn, this character can move through enemy characters without provoking attacks of opportunity)
Lightsaber Deflect (Force 1: When hit by a non-melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Hey guys DM back after some time off with a review of an interesting piece from JA, Master K'Kruhk. At 52 points he is rather expensive, but if you take a closer look you will see that his stats are pretty good. The Republic has access to only one forcer user that is cheaper and has more HP than K'Kruhk (YodaBuk 51/160). In fact besides Yodabuk and the Reek Master K has the highest HP on any piece that may be played in the Republic faction. He has the same amount of HP as all three Mace Windu pieces (71, 65, and 63 points), and Grand Master Yoda (55 points). Which means that his HP are great, and he is going to take a beating. His Def of 20 is a little low for his cost, but about average for a force user. His attack of 12 is low for his cost, but average for force wielder. His 30 damage is fantastic.

His special abilities are a bit disappointing. First off he doesn't have his affinity to the New Republic like he should. And as disappointed as I am that he isn't allowed in an NR squad I think he would be ridiculous in an NR squad. With Evade from Wedge and the ability to reroll missed saves from Leia Skywalker, K'Kruhk might never die, especially when played with Luke Force Spirit.. Now like we all thought he has Avoid Defeat (like all the Wedges) which will let him hang around a little longer. The other bad thing is that he only has double attack, but at 30 damage he can do the same amount of damage as most jedis that have triple.

His force powers are okay, except for the 4 force points with no renewal and no way to get more force powers except through force spirit. His force powers do allow him to stay alive a little longer. He has leap and Deflect. He also has force heal which is a nice force power, but is 20 points of damage worth half your force points on a 51 point piece.

Being a follower there are some nice ways to use him and some nice boosts he can get. You can swap him using Panaka and fully take advantage of his double/30 combo. You can boost his attack/defense to 15/23 with GM Yoda or 16/24 with GOWK. Mon Mothma can give him a nasty 40 damage death blow when he is defeated. Clone Strike Yoda can let him reroll his missed Avoid Defeat saves, and maybe the most useful is General Windu can give him an extra attack. Not having access to any type of force battery really hurts him, but there is enough out there to help boost him.

Onto the ratings…

100 3/5: You can make a pretty good squad with Him here. Team him with Qui-Gon Jedi Master, Artoo AD, and an uggie… or maybe Shaak Ti Jedi Master for two really hard to kill pieces.

200 3/5: Here you can add a lot more to your squad. Though he is a nice piece, at over 1/4 of your squad on a figure like him might not be worth it. Best bet would be to throw him in a Panaka Swap squad and let him put 60 on a big gun at the end of the round. With the new initiative rule he is a bit weaker, but he could do pretty good here.

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