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image from Wizards of the Coast

Naga Sadow
Jedi Academy

Date Reviewed: August 17, 2009

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.25
200 pt: 2.75


Naga Sadow - 64 points
Faction: Sith
HP: 140
Def: 21
Atk: 14
Dam: 20
Abilities: Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Virulent Poison +20

Force 2, Force Renewal 1, Force Storm 2, Illusion, Master of the Force 2, Sith Sorcery

So here's the brand new Sith Lord from Jedi Academy, Naga Sadow. As a figure, he's kinda cool with his huge sword as opposed to a lightsaber. Furthermore, Naga Sadow is an interesting piece that sets himself apart from the other Sith Lords in quite a few ways. Well, the first thing you notice is the stats. All of them are pretty solid, but by themselves, will not make Naga Sadow worth his huge 64 point cost. 140 HP is high, but not great. 21 defense is good but not as good as you would expect for 54 points. 14 attack is pretty high, but once again, for 64 points, I would like it to be higher. In my opinion, his stats are below average for a piece of his cost.

However, like I mentioned earlier, Naga Sadow has interesting abilities to compensate. First of all, he merely has Double attack, which is kind of a let down. But his second ability is defiantly something to note. Virulent Poison +20 makes Naga Sadow do a whopping +20 damage against living enemies with a save of 11. Since most enemies in the game are considered living, with a little luck, you could be hiting for a whopping 40. Double Attack makes that 80... pretty good if you ask me! Moving and still doing 40 damage is great.

Naga's Force powers are also something to note. He starts with 2 Force, and has Force Renewal 1 to help him regain lost force points. Force Storm 2 helps his damage output a tad when he's getting swarmed. And the combination of Illusion with Master of the Force 2 can be pretty beastly. While he can't reroll due to Illusion being a save for the attacker, he does get two shots with it. It isn't quite as good as Lightsaber Defense since the attacker gets to make the save, but it's still better than nothing. Finally, his last force power is Sith Sorcery, which activates all enemies within 6 squares with a save of 11. Its an interesting ability that can have its uses, but not something you'll usually be relying on.

Overall, he's a huge beatstick that is pretty unique among other Sith Lords. While he's not what the Sith need (which is support... lots of it), he could be yet another good choice when deciding on your Sith beatstick.

100 points: 3/5, Don't know if he'll last long against the likes of Bane or Vader JH, but you could try at the very least.

200 points: 3.5/5, Interesting choice. Try him out.

Sculpt: 4/5, Looks suspiciously like He-Man to me.

Naga Sadow (9/40, Very Rare—Jedi Academy; HP140, ATT14, DEF21, DAM20, DEP64)             

            For 64 points, the Sith faction picks up yet another heavy fighter. However, unlike most Sith beat-sticks, his abilities are much more conditional. With Double Attack and Virulent Poison +20, Sadow can deal up to 80 points of damage in a single turn. However, there are two caveats to that. First of all, he has to be attacking a living target (so Droid heavy squads are going to dodge this) and secondly it has a save, though it is a save of 16 which is harder to make.             

            His Force powers are pretty nasty in the right circumstances. Force Storm 2 gives him the ability to do 20 points against all adjacent characters, which can be pretty handy if a few power-hitters manage to base him. Illusion is also a great, and really annoying power for a Sith to have. Unless the attacker makes a save of 11, regardless of whether the attack is a critical hit or not, he takes no damage from it. Plus, your opponent has to roll the save and it’s always demoralizing when your opponent is the one that fails the save that keeps Sadow safe. Sith Sorcery can also be a pretty annoying power, activating all enemy characters within 6 squares of Sadow. This can be even nastier if you happen to have a few characters with Opportunist in your squad since it can open up a lot of characters to serious damage. Finally, thanks to Master of the Force 2, Sadow can spend Force points twice per round, which means you can block two attacks with Illusion or do a Sith Sorcery burst and a Force Storm in the same round. Force Renewal 1 means he’ll also have a pretty solid supply of Force points to use.             

            While he’s a nice figure, I’m just not sure he’s a great option for the Sith. While he’s cheaper than other Sith beat-sticks, their damage dealing capabilities are much more reliable. Virulent Poison +20 can be really deadly, but with the proliferation of Jedi with Force Renewal, Mettle and Master of the Force, it might wind up being really hard to land a hit with his Virulent Poison. While he’s got a solid defensive Force power in the form of Illusion, he doesn’t really have that many great offensive powers. Force Storm 2 probably isn’t going to come into play much just because it’s unlikely that there will be more than two characters ever basing him and those that do and are a danger won’t be hurt too much by taking 20 points of damage. 

100 POINTS: I just don’t think Sadow is reliable enough to be a beat-stick at this level, especially considering how many great beat-sticks the Sith have. SCORE: 1.5 

200 POINTS: Here, he becomes a bit better option, though not great. While you have more points to spend, he’s an awfully expensive piece that doesn’t really bring too much to the table for the Sith. Force Storm 2 is a great way to clear out a pack of grunts, but that means he’s an awfully expensive grunt-clearer. He’s got solid stats, which is a plus, but he just doesn’t seem to be as great a piece for the Sith considering some of the others around his point level. SCORE: 2

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