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image from Wizards of the Coast




Date Reviewed: September 26, 2008

Sith Dragon

Old Republic
Cost: 47
HP: 80
DEF: 18
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Accurate Shot, Bounty Hunter +4, Mobile attack, Twin Attack, Splash 10, Demolition Charge

Force 2
Force Sense

Today we do not only the best figure for the Old Republic, but the best figure in the set and a real force to be reckoned with in the top Meta games.

Mira has mediocre stats for a 47 pt shooter.  HP is low.  DEF is okay, considering she is a non-Jedi.  The ATK is decent enough but not great, and of course the base 20 DAM.  Not bad, but nothing special either.

It is in her abilities that Mira becomes a phenomenal piece.  First off she has accurate shot, so she can choose her targets.  She has BH+$ to help the attack against the higher defenders that are almost always uniques.  She has mobile attack for a measure of defense.  Mira's twin means she can hit a target hard, but only the one target, and last but not least, splash 10.  Even if she misses she still has a shot at doing damage, and can force people to seperate shield bearers or bodyguards or take even more damage.  Did i forget Demolition Charge?  No, not really.  It sucks and you will never use it.

She has 2 force points, giving her some reroll options on those really bad misses, or access to her lone force power (force sense).  What good is force sense on a character with accurate shot?  Simple.  It takes away Nom bombs, super stealth, and stealth based bonuses.  It also opens up the field to your fellow shooters who do not have accurate.  If there is a must have character for the OR, then this is it.  While a bit fragile, she can really bring a helping punch to your OR squads.

100pts: not very good here.  She lacks the HP and over all damage output to be effective here.

150pts: Here she can be effectively played, but as i mentioned in the Lucien review, her big problem is going to be the overall lack of support that the OR brings right now.  She is a strong enough cannon, however, to be very effective as long as you have some interference pieces to keep melee pieces from dropping her quickly.

200pts:  Here she is a OR must as i said.  She is the best shooter in the set, much less the faction.  You have plenty of room to bring in lots of help whether it be more shooters or Jedi support.  If you get her, have fun because she is a very solid piece.  Your only complaint is going to be the 80 HP, but that should last with the help she does have that we will get to in the next week or so.


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