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Mini of the Day

Captain Tarpals

Date Reviewed: September 16, 2008

Sith Dragon

Captain Tarpals

Stats: Look em up
Abilities: Yep, has those too.
My thoughts: He's good. Use him.

PS3 calling, gotta go play Force Unleashed - buh-bye!

LOL, Okay i wont do that to you, but this may be a bit rushed. ;) 
YAY! We are finally getting Gungans!  "This will be a day long remembered in the Republic."  For a 20 pt commander you get a decent 50HP, a very solid 18 DEF, and the usual pathetic attack and DAM (+6/10DAM).  He is melee, but again if you are attacking with your commanders, something is very wrong.

Tarpals is a commander pure and simple, and what an effect he has.  He allows any follower to use a replace attacks abilities/force powers twice in a turn.  This is crazy.  Its a bit gimmicky, but can be a load of fun.  Characters with grenades, flamethrowers, etc can now use them twice.  Run Scorch with the RCTS and now he can chuck two Grenades 30 at someone, while protecting himself with shields and super stealth.  Boba and Jango can missles/flamethrower twice for a nice piece of damage.  Another side that people forget about is that characters with heal can now heal twice.  Still have the polis massa medic buried in a crap box some where?  Dig it out.  For only 9pts he can now heal 10 DAM twice.  Add Amidala and you get an 8pt mobile healer.  Force users get a bit harder to use as you must be able to spend force points twice per turn in order to make use of Tarpals.  Kill Qui-Gon and there you go.  Cade can heal twice.  Sweepers can sweep twice, and anyone with lightsaber assault can assault twice.

Like i said Tarpals is a bit gimmicky, but can be a lot of fun.  With a team of big grenaders, flamethrowers, etc it can be scary.

100pts: He isnt going to have enough help to make him worth it here.  Although, a swarm of wranglers could be a bit scary.

150pts:  Here he can start to see some play, but tis going to be hard.  Most of the builds i come up with, i end up wishing i had more points.  Try him, but dont expect a lot.

200pts:  Here is going to be his best format.  He can see lots of help like Boba, Enforcer, or Scorches.  Jedi builds can be fun, but it will take some careful building as you will need to use and then kill Qui-Gon to use it effectively.

OKay, there you go...gotta go play Force Unleashed now!  Buh-bye-two!

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