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image from Wizards of the Coast

Jar Jar Binks

Date Reviewed: October 30, 2008

Sith Dragon Jar Jar Binks
HP: 60
DEF: 17
ATK: +2
DAM: 10

Melee, Draw Fire, Bombad Gungan

Here he is at long last! No one in the star wars universe has generated the extreme love/hate that Jar Jar has generated. Its only fitting that we finally get a mini of him, and I dont think Rob could have hit the nail on the head any better than he did. Jar Jar is simple, to the point, and annoying as hell!

His stats are not much to boast about. For 18pts, you get a nice 60 HP, and a decent 17DEF, but with a +2 ATK and 10 DAM, he wont be an offensive threat. Then again i say that every time i run by an ug and it crits me.

No, Jar Jar's beauty is in his annoying the hell out of you while you kill yourself. Jar Jar has draw fire. That alone is pretty good as its the first case of draw fire available to the republic, but from there it gets better. Once you target Jar Jar, Bombad gungan kicks in. He can redirect the attack to any other character within 6 squares. If there is no one within 6, the attack is negated. If Jar Jar gets within 6 of your shooters, you had better be careful or you will find yourself regretting having pulled the trigger. If you have Twin, you have to twin yourself. If you have opportunist, its going to kick in against yourself. The one thing that is optionl, thankfully, is D'jem So. If you hit yourself with the first attack, you have to roll for the extra attack, but the attack is optional and does not have to be taken. Vader and Luke are breathing a sigh of relief.

Jar Jar is one of those pieces that you cant afford to ignore, nor can you afford to attack him. BTW, melee attacks can redirected to a nonadjacent target within 6 as well, so even melee are not safe if he is placed correctly.

100pts: I am honestly not going to rule him out here. With his ability to make a character target themselves or a comrade within 6, he can really change the course of the game. However you are betting the game on save rolls. Make the right ones and you will win. Fail them and you will get slaughtered. Imagine Bane attacking himself? Han shooting Leia with his own cunning? Talk about marital problems.

150pts: Here he can work just as well, but as the points go up, you wont have to rely on him as much. Place a shieldbearer next to Jar Jar and you get a REAL nightmare.

200pts: Here you can fit him with little problem, and he can be in almost any squad. Run your characters up, and then have R2 tow him into the middle of the fray. He is a great piece. Granted his success will run hot cold as it relies on saves. Some games he will be worthless. Other games he may single handedly deal out more damage than anyone else on your squad. Give him a go and have fun - your opponent wont! :)
Jar Jar Binks
Faction: Republic
Cost: 18
HP: 60
Defense: 17
Attack: +2
Damage: 10

Bombad Gungan: (Whenever an enemy targets him, this character must attempt a save of 11. On a success, the attack is redirected to another character of your choice within 6 squares. If no other character is within 6 squares, the attack is negated.)
Draw Fire

Today we look at the weirdest piece in the KotOR set Jar Jar Binks the staple of star war’s move toward kid appeal the unlovable bung bung has finally stumbled his way into SWM. However, all is not lost my fellow fans as he got a good representation of himself from the movies. Though that may sound bad, it actually pans out to be a good mini but why?

His stats are well horrible aside from his health which is a nice 60. His defense is on the decent side at 17. But where he nose dives like the economy is his attack at a meager +2. His damage is the “meh” 10. But his stats are not the reason he is good.

His abilities are what make him weird. He has draw fire, though usually not to great to have, it sure is with this person do to his next ability. Bombad Gungan is an ability that if Jar Jar is targeted which is made a lot easier with draw fire especially against accurate shooters. He (Jar Jar) makes a save of 11 on a success he can redirect that attack to an enemy or an ally, or if no other character is within 6 the attack simply is negated. Apparently Jar Jar has some sort of gravity well that makes blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes go to some ancient abyss. But chances are since draw fire is only allies within 6 squares and your opponent would be dumb to shoot at Binks you probably will not get to negate too many attacks. But what makes this a great ability is the chance to redirect attacks to enemies. Imagine making your opponents Boba BH disintegrate himself or watch a Juhani crit herself.

Jar Jar however does not go without a weakness he is a piece that relies solely on dice so you might as well put Yoda CS in there with him but that’s 55 points out of your squad that lets face it could be spent on better pieces. But that his only weakness so if you never can make saves Jar Jar is probably not the piece for you.

Sorry but I cannot rate this person he is to save reliant and he can be great one battle and kill you the next.

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