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image from Wizards of the Coast


Date Reviewed: October xx, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon Jarael
Cost: 23
HP: 70
DEF: 19
ATK: +10
DAM: 10

Triple Attack, Evade, Parry, Shockstaff +10, Speed 8

Force 2

Today we look at perhaps the most interesting character of the set. She is a defensive players dream. She is a bit fragile, but at 23 points the 70 HP is pretty solid. Her 19 DEF is very good for the points as is her attack. It would be nice to see her with DAM 20, but then you would probably have to add at least 10pts to her cost. She is basically Jaina for two points less in stats.

Its her abilities that really set her apart. She has speed 8 so this cat can really move (okay not a cat but close enough). The speed 8 means she can usually reach gambit on turn one if you need it. If she isnt moving she gets a very nice triple attack. By herself she may have a hard time hitting the high defense Jedi, but she can get help for that. Her biggest perks are that she is the first force user to have both evade and parry. She is both a melee attacker's and ranged attacker's worst nightmare. Only an adjacent shooter can get around her defenses.

Her final ability is her shockstaff. Against droids she can now smash for 20 damage. With the forth coming General Grievous and new droids, this ability is only going to get better. That doesnt help against living, but wait - there's more. Against the living enemies, she can activate them if the attack hits (save 11). Her triple gives her three attacks to possibly activate an adjacent foe. That can be pretty deadly and combined with others, a real nightmare for activating characters.

100pts: I think she is totally playable here. The base 10 DAM is going to suck, but considering she can activate main characters, defend against shooters and melee, and is very cheap, she can fit into a lot of different ideas. Try her with CS Yoda for extra defense. Thrawn for some swap and activate. Or many other things. She is total support, but give her a go, she may surprise you at this point level.

150pts: She is a powerhouse here. If your saves go bad she can drop fast, outside of that, she will generally make up her point value in dmaage and kills. Aurra screws me in every San/Tyranus build i have run. I have a new version where i added her and Lando DS. That gives me two sources of activation control. Again, try her with a squad where she can get extra force points or free rerolls. The 70 HP means you are going to have to be careful with her, but she will be good.

200pts: Anything goes here. There are very few squads she would not fit into here. The more you build for her, the better she will be, but remember she is only for support. The 10 DAM is her big drawback, but with others giving interference and extra damage output, she will make a great add to your squad. She is by no means a must, but she is well worth her points.

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