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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Jolee Bindo

Date Reviewed: October 23, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.50
150 pt: 4.00
200 pt: 4.00


Jolee Bindo

Faction: Fringe

Cost: 23

HP: 80

Defense: 18

Attack: +9

Damage: 20

Special Abilities:



Avoid Defeat

Force Powers:

Force 4


Force Valor



Today we look at one of the pieces that fit in a sub-theme for minis in this set which being a mid to high 20’s Jedi with lots of abilities (some others are Juhani, Jarael, Luke Jedi, and Zayne). I personally love it when we get pieces of this nature because they bring good Jedi support, some good force powers, and you they cost a lot less than the normal 35+ points or so. Jolee is one of my favorites that fit in this class.


His stats are good at 80 HP giving him a near 4:1 HP cost ratio which is good. His defense is definitely good for 23 pts his attack may be abit low but at 23 points what can you expect, and his damage is a standard 20.


His abilities though are what make him good and fit into the above class. He has double which is much needed for Jedi at this point in the game. He has avoid defeat which makes him the first force user to have it without the help of a medical droid or 2-1B so he has a much better chance of making the two saves. He has stun which with his fixed force points could hurt as much as it helps because you may be tricked into burning all your force points to stun a big hitter which is great until he makes most of the stun saves. He has deflect another much needed power for Jedi. But what really puts him in the elites of this class is his Force Valor so he can be run as a commander or follower. Plus at 23 point he is half the cost of Bastilla Shan who is the next cheapest person with this ability plus he is fringe, so he can give to the Mandos, Sith, or the Empire.


His downsides are the norm for this point level though and with his valor being such a good ability that he may be targeted a lot his 80 HP could go fast but this can be corrected with proper play. His attack is low but he can be boosted if you choose to use him as a follower and I’m sure he won’t be attacking much if he becomes commander because he doesn’t any more attention brought to him.


100: 3.5/5 this format is to far based on the heavy hit and with the little amount of points chances are he won’t have much help to draw away attention.

150/200: 4/5 He can be used very well here cause you can put in big hitters to draw attention away from him as he valors or put in a force battery and stun/deflect like crazy on another option is to run him with Holo Sidious (link is the Holo Sid preview) and give him force renewal which would be most annoying. But he still only has 80 HP which dwindles fast so not a 5 but a 4.



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