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image from Wizards of the Coast

Wookiee Elite Warrior

Date Reviewed: October 21, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4.00
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon

Wookiee Elite Warrior
Old Republic
Cost: 19
HP: 50
DEF: 18
ATK: +9
DAM: 20

Charging Assault +10, Momentum, Melee Reach 2

Today we do the third of the mighty three generics from this set.  This piece is basically a wookiee freedom fighter on steroids.  For 19 points you are getting a very solid 50 HP.  While it can go fast, it still needs to absorb a 30 DAM hit with a 20, or three 20 DAM hits.  This wookiee is an enigma among wookiees as this guy actually has a defense for the first time.  Unlike the usual 12-14 wookiee defense, this guy has a beefy 18 defense.  With force valor or other boost, it can get even bigger.  The +9 ATK is very good for the points.  It is high enough that most characters are going to seriously think about giving up an attack of opportunity because it stands an decent chance of hitting.  The base 20 damage is nice because, unlike the other wookiees you are a bit more hesitant to give up a 20 DAM AoO than one for 10.

Adding in the special abilities makes this guy pretty sick.  Momentum means he can move and get a +13 for 30 DAM.  That is pretty decent damage right there, but add in charging assault +10 and now you not only have a 40 DAM hit, but you can run 12 squares and still hit, which gives these guys some sick range for a big hit.  Finally he has melee reach 2.  This might not seem like much, but when you can stop short of your target, you dont set yourself up for a multiple attack, you can use your momentum/charging assault without having to give up an AoO, or you can simply attack from behind someone or someone who is behind someone else.

100pts: They are going to be a bit too fragile here.  Most of the big guns in this format can drop a wookiee in a a single turn, and about half of the dominators here have some sort of block or riposte, which is the EWW's worst enemy.  They can provide some support, but you wont be able to use many.

150pts: Here they make pretty good support pieces.  I can fit 1-2 in the squad for a decent long range threat as your opponent closes in.  This is a figure that will only get better as the OR gets more CEs.  In 150 they are going to be primarily a support piece.

200pts:  Here there is a LOT that can be done with them.  You can run them in swarm.  You can still use them a s a very effective support piece in a bit greater numbers than in 150, or you can use Gree to bring them into the Republic.  Here you can get board wide valor with Jolee.  Gen Kenobi can give them an extra 2 squares of movement for an effective charging reach of 16 squares.  Yoda can make them bodyguards and so on.

These really are a stellar piece.  They can be dropped with a bit of a concentrated effort, but your opponent will be keeping tabs on them the whole game as a quick 40 DAM hit can really hurt.


Wookiee Elite Warrior

Faction: Old Republic

Cost: 19

HP: 50

Def: 18

Attack: +9

Damage: 20


Melee Attack

Melee Reach 2


Charging Assault  +10


Today we review the Wookiee Elite warrior and let me tell you this is an amazing melee character. His stats are decent with 50 hp which means most people with double or lower wont kill him in 1 activation he has 18 defense which on a non-unique is great. The attack is a decent 9 but he overcomes that.


His abilities though are what make him a real annoyance to play against and fun to play with. He has melee reach 2 which is a big help in terms of overcoming his melee attack. But like most wookiees are now getting he has Momentum to boost his attack and damage, along with Charging assault 10 so he can move 12 squares and the smack you with 40 damage at a 13 attack (that’s pretty brutal). Also you can put him with the Old Republic captain to give him 3 more defense and then squad assault to continue to boost his attack.


Some drawbacks to him are of course melee so he has to base someone to get attacks off. Plus 50 hp without any sort of protection (cloaked, stealth, or evade). Plus one isn’t gonna get the job done with out any extra attacks so you’ll have to run a swarm of them but I’ve played against them and they are powerful when numbers  are on there side.


100: 4/5 Here where melee still has a sense of dominance they are great in groups they can kill the dominaters of this format (Bane, Loda, and Boba BH) within 1 turn if all attacks hit but the lack need to move to get the crazy could end up drawing attacks of opportunity very easily.


200: 4/5 Here they can swarm and still have shooter and commander support but his faction is a killer here as they have no init control, activation control, they do however have really good door control but that doesn’t overcome there incompetency as a whole.

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