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image from Wizards of the Coast

GenoHaradan Assassin

Date Reviewed: October 17, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
150 pt: 4.00
200 pt: 4.00

Sith Dragon Genoharadan Assassin
Cost: 21
HP: 60
DEF: 20
ATK: +8
DAM: 10

Cloaked; Cunning Attack; Mobile Attack; Loner +4; Poisoned Blade

Today we look at the second of the three beasts of the set. The Gino is an incredible figure and the beginning of a new breed of character. For 21pts you get a healthy HP that will withstand a lot of damage. His DEF is godly at this point level. A non-unique with a 20 DEF is huge. The attack is a bit more in the norm, but that is only before you add in his abilities. The base 10 DAM is also about norm.

Like the Mando Scout from earlier this week, the Gino has the new cloaked ability. Th Gino doesnt benefit quite as much from it as the Mando Scout, other than the whole not getting shot thing of course, because the Gino has no bonuses for not moving. The Gino also has mobile attack. This would be good for defense if not for the cloaked making it unnecessary. Where this really helps is with such a high defense he can afford to give up some AoOs to get to or away from small/medium threat figures. The Gino has loner to help that mediocre attack bonus. Throw in cunning and you can either be a +16 for 20 DAM or a +12 for 10.

Okay so why fear a figure that may hit a lot but only does 10 DAM? In and of itself, it isnt anything to fear. Just like the Kel-Dor, your opponent will generally run around figs that only do 10 DAM, but the Gino has yet one more new ability that is going to be a very nice addition to the way the game is run. Poisoned Blade makes the Gino a BASE 20 figure. Let me say that again: Poisoned Blade makes the Gino a BASE 20 figure. This means if you crit an adjacent figure, you will do 40 DAM not 20. If the target is living, you then get to inflict 20 MORE damage, save 11. All of a sudden, that +12 or +16 is making for a very huge difference as the Gino is now hitting for 50 DAM! On a 21 point figure that is just sick as no commander effects are used here.

Besides that, there is a better reason why i love this ability. It is the introduction of the dual nature character. On any attack that is not adjacent to the target, the attack is considered a non-melee. This means that it is subject to deflect and evade. When the figure is basing a figure, he then becomes a melee figure and subject to block, parry and riposte. This dual nature is something a lot of people have been wanting to see since Clone Strike Aurra Sing and later Mara Jade. I really like a character that can be a threat to either the anti-range characters or anti-melee characters. The good thing is that there are more. Lets just say a certain droid general from the next set will also have a dual nature to him. I really would like to see the lightsaber special ability errata'd to act as a dual nature ability.

100pts: I dont think they are going to be great here, but at the same time they have enough going for them that they could be a real asset with the right support. My first thought would be Yoda for the force cancel to help them against the 100pt Jedi. The last thing your opponent will want to do is leave a figure based to a lot of these. If you run 4 of these and ugs or activation control, someone like Bane can only hit once for 40 DAM as long as you stay more than 6 away. You can then swing back for up to 40 DAM with up to all four of your Ginos. If even two hit, Bane is then at 120 and can be dropped another 100pts if you win initiative. That only leaves 20HP to make up with two more Gino attacks. It can happen. Give 'em a go and see how they do.

150/200pts: Of course he will shine here. Being non-unique, they are eligible for character boosts like Thrawn, Kota, and any other commander. You can have a 21 point figure with a 23 defense! These guys are just sick. You are definately going to want to pick up a few of these and try some different builds with these.


GenoHaradan Assassin

Faction: Fringe

Cost: 21

HP: 60

Defense: 20

Attack: +8

Damage: 10


Cloaked: When this character has cover he cannot be targeted by nonadjacent enemies.


Cunning Attack

Mobile Attack

Poisoned Blade: +10 Damage to 1 adjacent target; this counts as a melee attack. This attack deals an extra 20 Damage to a living enemy; save 11.


            Today we look at another great C/UC from this set he enjoys average to high-end stats. He has a HP/Cost ratio of about 3/1 that’s decent not great but decent. His defense is up there with most 30-45 point Jedi with 20. His base attack is abit low but he has tricks to boost that easily enough. And his damage is the lowly 10 but again he can overcome that with is abilities.


K, now to his abilities, he has cloaked which if you’ve read the scout review you get the point but it’s basically SS without the commander and no counters cause all the counters are against the stealth ability not cloaked. He has Loner which in most cases isn’t good to prioritize using because he’ll end up having to kill a big chunk of your opponent’s squad by himself. He has cunning which is great for boosting his low attack and damage. He has mobile which is basically him getting to pop out shoot you then go back into cover just like the scout (they seem a lot alike don’t they). His next ability is amazing in that it does aton of damage if everything goes your way and it can protect you if you get based. It Poisoned Blade basically if you get based you can make ONE melee attack against an adjacent enemy at +10 damage (so he has 20 Damage) plus if it hits a living target your opponent makes a save of 11 and if they fail they take an extra 20 damage (that’s 40) add cunning to that and possibly loner and theres (50 damage with 16 attack).  Even better is that the poisoned blade +10 damage is multiplied by critical hits so if you do score a crit its 70 damage with cunning and the +20 damage save (assuming they fail the save).


The only thing I don’t like about this piece is the lack of extra attacks and the ability to do major damage from afar. They do have a commander reliance and I am not sure if poisoned blade is affected by extra attacks (GW, Krayt) cause it doesn’t say replaces attacks so I think you could double with it. Twin I know you could (Mando Captain, Czerka wouldn’t work cause poisoned blade is a melee attack so he’d lose twin.)


100: 3/5 Like the scout he would have to rely completely on himself which he does better than the scout.


150/200: 4/5 Here he can have all his commanders but most commanders are faction specific like all the Mando commanders so you’d have to use 75 pts. For Mando the U, plus he cant be come as godly like the scout can because since he is fringe he isn’t made with a particular factions commanders in mind like the Scouts were made with the mando commanders in mind. He does work well with Malak DLotS though and other non-faction specific commanders such as Kota, Thrawn, General Windu, Krayt just to name a few.



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