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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Malak, Lord of the Sith


Date Reviewed: October 10, 2008

Sith Dragon Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith
Cost: 49
HP: 130
DEF: 20
ATK: +16
DAM: 20

Lightsaber Duelist; Double Attack; Deadly Attack

Force 2 FR1
Force Lightning 2; Force Stun; Sith Rage

CE: Followers get +4 ATK

Today we look at the new Darth Malak. I really didnt have too many problems with the old Malak other than he was a tad over costed and did not synergize with anything. This new Malak is much improved and very solid. He is only 49 points and brings a lot to the table for that price. He has a healthy 130 HP, solid DEF and a very high base 16 ATK.

Of course he is a double attacker. He should be a pretty efficient with the +16ATK. Deadly attack is one of those things you cannot count on, but is nice when it happens, and finally, he has lighsaber duelist, meaning he can hang with about any Jedi fairly effectively. Right there he is a sloid package, but of course there is more.

He has force renewal, so his tricks can be ongoing. Force lightning 2 is very nice crown control. It is the traditional lightning that hits the target and two other adjacent characters. It can handle swarms and bodyguards. Force Stun is one of those that can be nice, but i never rely on. I use it when i dont need force for anything else or you need to eat away force points. It is one of those things that almost always works on me and never works on my opponent. Finally, he has Sith Rage. With a +16 ATK, you wont need to reroll many attacks, so you can afford to get the extra 10-20 DAM from Sith rage. Any chance to run up and do 30 DAM on a hit is pretty good. It also makes things like attacks of opportunities much harder to take if your opponent wants to get away or around him.

Right there he would be very playable, but he is a commander with a powerful CE. ALL followers get a +4 attack. Two things of note are that there is no range on it, and that it is ALL followers, not Sith. This really powers up a LOT of figures, mostly fringe. Ugs now have a +4 to hit. A great many figs that dont look that appealing with their +6 or +7 attack now have a very effective +10 or +11. Characters that rely on abilities like cunning or opportunist now have a better chance to hit outside of their niche.

100pts: He isnt going to do too well here. He has no defensive abilities and and as good as his offense can be, its not going to be enough. You really cannot get enough help to make him effective. He wont be a slouch to be sure, but you are going to have to find the right support so he can come in as late as possible.

150pts: Here is where he begins to take off. My favorite pairing here is to put Talon with him. Now she has a great defensive ability and a +15 attack, which is her big weakness at a normal +11. With aboard wide +4 you can bring in lots of scrubs that become much more effective. His big problem is that the Sith lack that extra edge to make them competitive at high levels, but outside of that he makes a very effective leader.

200pts: The sky is the limit here. You have lots of room for extra damage, extra help and lots of grunts! When 10pt pieces become serious damage threats, your opponent is going to be in for a long game.

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