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image from Wizards of the Coast


Date Reviewed: Nov. 7, 2008

Sith Dragon Kreia
Cost: 43
HP: 100
DEF: 20
DAM: 20

Triple Attack; Flurry; Betrayal; Its a trap

Force 4
Drain Life 3; Force Cloak

Today we look at a very interesting character. Kreia is a one armed "Jedi" that is very adept at the force from KoToR II, whose motives were less than good. For her cost, Kreia has a mediocre HP, a solid defense, a fairly low attack, and a standard damage.

Kreia's attack might be low, but with triple attack, she will have plenty of chances to swing.. Flurry is nice to get another attack off, but it is never something you can count on. Betrayal is an interesting choice. She is only the second character to have it, but its an ability that really makes your opponent think about how to attack her. Instead of spending that force point for rage, assault or whatever, your opponent will most likely save it to guard against the roll of a 1. Finally, Its a trap gives her a nice anti stealth ability that will wreak havoc on those depending on it.

Kreia only has 4 force points. Normally that is a nice pile to have on a fixed force point character, but when her only two abilities cost 2pts and 3pts, that doesnt leave a lot left to help with that low attack. First off she has force cloak. This is a great ability that will keep her alive until she can get her triple off. This will leave you two force points. Her other ability is perhaps the better, but is expensive at three force points. Drain Life 3 does 20 DAM to the target within 6 and every character adjacent to the target, and then gives Kreia the HP that was done as damage. If she has taken a pounding, then she gets most of it back. The downside is you get this once.

I really like Kreia. Her cost will help her fit into a lot of different factions and a lot of different builds. One squad i built is her, Sith Lord Palps, and a lot of bodyguards, just daring you to betray to either of them. You can run her as Sith with Malak for the +4 and Holo Sidious for renewal. Run her with Wedge/Luke ghost and Garm for renewal, evade and move three/four and still triple. She really is quite versatile, but she will need help.

100pts: The only shot she has is to get a betrayal. She wont dish enough damage and on general just wont be effective here.

150pts: Here she can see play, but you are really going to have to be able to build around her for the best results. I listed some of the possibilities above, but there are many, many more. She wont be top tier, but her combination of abilities and powers makes her a unique character adn loads of fun.

200pts: Here she will be at her best. Not only can you max out her potential, but you can bring out lots of help in either range or tech as well. She still wont be top tier, but she is the type of character that is really going to make your opponent think about how to attack her and your army. Give her a tweak if she doesnt work the first time. She has potential.

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