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Mini of the Day

Darth Sion

Date Reviewed: Nov. 5, 2008

Sith Dragon Darth Sion
Cost: 69
HP: 110
DEF: 17
ATK: +11
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Lightsaber Duelist

Force 5

Eternal Hatred; Sith Rage; Lightsaber Riposte

Today we do a very interesting character. Darth Sion is a character that hates so much that he can "hate" himself back to life. But is that a whole lot of nothing?

For 69 points, you get some pretty bad stats. The HP is good, but the 17 DEF is horrible as is the 11 attack. He has duelist, but that still only puts him at a 21 against Jedi. Usually when a high priced character gets janked on his stats it is because he has some kicker abilities/force powers. Not sure that measures up here.

Sion is limited to his 5 force points, which is going to limit what he can do (for now). Sith rage is nice, but his 11 is going to hurt against the big Jedi, so using it will generally mean that you are going to miss your attacks. Riposte is good because he can do some damage off of his turn, but again that +11 is going to hurt. The final ability is the reason for his huge cost and low stats. Eternal hatred, for 2 force points, not only keeps him alive, but also restores all of his hit points, save 6. This should be good as you have to kill him three times, but somehow it never quite pans out. It can be force absorbed/defensed. Ysalimari can shut it down, or you can simply miss your save, in which case you just paid a lot for nothing.

On the plus side, the Sith have renewal squad wide in the new set, but even, then there is still so much that can go wrong. Not only that, but his offense is not enough to make him worth it either. When you have to be afraid of ugs, you got problems.

100/150pts: Forget it. He isnt worth it in either format. If he makes all of his saves, then he stands a chance of being good, but it has long odds, especially with the sure fire counters.

200pts: He can be played here, but again, you fail your save and you just paid 69pts for horrible effectiveness. His cost works against him as well because Malak helps Talon, but with Sion you have 129pts tied up between Malak, Sion and Sidious, hologram. Save him for fun games, but even then be ready to take it in the face with a bad roll.
Darth Sion
Faction: Sith
Cost: 69
HP: 110
Defense: 17
Attack: 11
Damage: 20

Melee attack
Lightsaber Duelist
Double Attack

Force Powers
Lightsaber Riposte
Sith Rage
Eternal hatred: (Force 2: Whenever this character would be defeated, make a save of 6; on a success, this character is restored to full hit points instead of being defeated.)

Today is another weird piece from the set. Sion has probably the worst stats for his points possibly attainable. He has 110 HP which is very very low for 69 points. His defense is also garbage for the points at 17 there are people in the low twentys with that Defense value. His attack is also atrocious at 11 and his damage is 20.

He has Duelist to get the low defense but he’ll only get that 33% of the time. He has double while this is good he could’ve probably got away with having triple. Oddly enough he has no Jedi Hunter which was his life work.

His force powers make him maybe worth his points. He has Riposte which is nice but with his other force power you wont use that to much. He has rage which has the same problem as Riposte.

Now we get to his final force power Eternal hatred. Basically when he is killed he can use 2 force points, if he makes a save of 6 he is brought back to life with full health. However with his fixed force points he can only use this twice per skirmish. So with the need to use Eternal Hatred most players will automatically not use there other force points. This is a good strategy until you fail the save WHICH WILL HAPPEN EVENTUALLY.

He’s weakness is the reliance on a save to stay alive. His weak stats also will mean that he can’t survive for more than 1-2 rounds when the fighting starts so your better off using Caedus if you ask me.

Again like Jar Jar to save reliant to give a rating.

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