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image from Wizards of the Coast

Captain Rex
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Nov. 20, 2008

Sith Dragon Captain Rex
Cost: 33
HP: 70
DEF: 16
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

O66; Double Attack; Greater Mobile Attack; Penetration 10; Twin Attack

CE: Allied O66 gain greater Mobile Attack

Wow, Captain Rex is a character that really breaks the mold for commanders. He is also one of the few commanders that may be better as a fighter than as a commander. For a whopping 33 points (whopping for clones anyways), you get a mediocre 70HP, a mediocre 16 DEF, a very nice +12 attack adn base 20 damage. When i say that his stats are mediocre, i refer to the cost of the character. For a clone they are way above average. Of course when a character has below average stats for a cost, it usually means that they have some wicked abilities, which Rex has.

Of course Rex is an Order 66 character, so he falls into all the bonuses and traps of the type. What makes Rex really stand out is that this clone packs some serious offense. His attack is solid enough that it makes his mobile, doubling, twin dangerous. Popping off 80DAM a turn and not being left in the open after it is done is nothing to sneeze at. Indeed, with his 70HP, it is something to be very mindful of. That in a nut shell is Rex. He has penetration 10 to help him against damage reduction. All and all this isnt too big, but the fact it can nearly drop Luke's snowspeeder in a single turn is pretty crazy.

His CE leaves a bit to be desired at the moment. Order 66 characters gain greater mobile. This is a great CE, but there is just one problem. Right now there are a grand total of two figures that have O66 and double attack as is - the ISP speeder and the Kashyyyk trooper. Neither is going to be rocking any worlds as the trooper has a very low attack and only 10 DAM while the ISP is way too expensive for its fragility. That and its a huge.

So does this do any good? Well, it can. By running the new Aayla you can give your O66 characters double attack. Perfect right? Well, not really. Aayla is 50pts, so you are looking at 83 points in just those two CEs. With the craptacular stats of most of the O66 characters that we have, it doesnt leave much room for followers. This is especially true when you consider the characters worth running are 15-17 pts and most will require a third commander of some type to make them truly effective. The starcorp trooper and Sev are going to be your best bets.

100pts: You know i can almost see him working here, bot because of his CE, but because he can pump out 80 DAM a round and still remain hidden afterward. It is all going to depend on who you bring with him. If he has to advance on cloaked without beefy help, it will be a quick loss. Run him with a few jedi weapon masters and you might be in good shape.

150pts: Here, again, he is going to be used for his quad and hide over his CE. There are some good Panaka swap squads popping up with him in it.

200pts: For now this is the only place you can even think of running him with his CE, but you have still lost nearly half of your points to commanders. If we get some decent O66 double attacking figures later on, he could become much more powerful, but for now, his quad and hide is his best aspect.
Captain Rex
Faction: Republic
Cost: 33
Defense: 16
Attack: 12
Damage: 20

O66, Double, Greater Mobile, Penetration 10, Twin Attack

CE: Allied characters with order 66 within 6 squares gain Greater Mobile Attack

Today we look at Captain a personal favorite of mine from this set so if you see any bias I am sorry. His stats are decent all besides defense which is a measley 16. But the rest are decent if not high end. Those don’t make him worth playing.

His abilities are what put him over the top. He has Double+Twin+Greater Mobile. That combined with 20 damage equals up to 80 damage without crits if all the attacks hit which is crazy on a 33 point piece especially since he can still move after doing all that. Penetration is good when it comes up which is about never so he could’ve done without it and cost a few less points but what are ya gonna do.

His CE was thought to be broken at first (Greater Mobile to all followers) but then it became not near as good. But it still has its uses such as any amount of clones+Ayala but that is costly but in 200 it could be good.

His weakness is only his defense and low HP may screw him over. But he costs 33 points so don’t expect him to be a straight beast (though he definitely can be).

100: 4/5 Good damage output per activation plus plenty of room for another big hitter I think he can get it done.

150: 3/5 Here he won’t have to much room for more good commanders and clones and this is where Meta really starts to show unlike in 100. He’s good in this format just not enough points.

200: 5/5 Good CE, more than enough room for more commanders, and a plethora of clones= death for the cross table opponent.

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