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Emperor Roan Fel

Date Reviewed: May 9, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
150 pt: 4.00
200 pt: 4.00

Sith Dragon

Emperor Roan Fel
Cost: 57
HP: 100
DEF: 20
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Imperial Knight; Triple Attack; Opportunist; Its a Trap; Synergy (Imperial Knights); Cortosis Guantlets 17

Force 4
Lightsaber Block

CE: Adjacent followers gain bodyguard.

WOW!  The Emperor is incredible and for once we are not talking about Palpy.  Fel Has a whole slew abilities that make him one bad puppy.  The other cool thing is that they all really fit his personality from the Legacy comics.

For 57 points, you get some pretty average stats.  The HP is rather low.  The DEF is only so/so.  The attack is only a +12, and he has the standard 20 DAM.  All in all, his stats leaving him pretty wanting, but as with most characters, the reason for low base stats is some nifty SAs and force powers, which is most certainly the case here.

He is an Imperial Knight.  The reason this is important is that he can boost Antares and the other Generic Knights through synergy.  Through the Emperor's own synergy, he gets a boost from fellow knights as well.  Now he has a +16 attack that puts him where he should be.  His attack doest stop there though.  He also has opportunist.  Now you have a character with a +20 for 30 DAM.  Top that off with his triple and you are looking at an almost guaranteed 90 DAM!  Roan also has "Its a Trap".  While the name of the ability is one that should only go to Ackbar, the end effect is very appropriate.  Roan is very good at smelling out traps and reversing them.

For force powers he is pretty simple.  All he has is lightsaber block, but you throw in his CG17, and every Jedi will be quaking in their boots.  Like with Antares, if you land a CG17, it will all but cripple most every Jedi in the game.  It becomes a very strong argument to run NR Mara, since she isnt Melee.

His 100HP is very low, but that is because of his CE.  Any Adjacent follower becomes a bodyguard.  This can be 3 point ugnaughts, or Boba BH or any follower you want.  The only thing i do not like about this is that with all the disruptive and the fact Fel has to run straight at it, means that there is a good chance he is going to lose this, making his 100HP very fragile.

100pts: I dont see him being very playable here, but this is one i could be very wrong.  He is cheap enough you could run a mini B&B, or just load up the rest of the squad with Ugs for some powerful BGs.  He can do 90 DAM a triple and if he happens to CG17 someone like Bane or Vader, the should be all you.  He will require some luck, but he might just cut it here.

150pts: Here he can be run, but you are going to be stuck with a B&B build for the most part.  Without any type of defense against shooters, he can take too much of a pounding to be run otherwise.  Plus the swap gives you a very nice triple.

200pts: Here you can run him for all his glory.  He will have plenty of support, bodyguards, and anything else, since he belongs to one of the most powerful factions in the game.  Good BGs would be any Vader with Dark Armor, high ph/cost ratio characters like Jag Fel or Wookiee commandos, or lots and lots of Ugs.  He is going to take some skill to use.  His low HP and DEF means you are going to have to perfect your build and then execute near flawlessly.  If you can do these, then Emperor Roan Fel will be a very powerful character.


Emperor Roan Fel
Faction: Empire
Cost: 57

HP: 100
Def: 20
Att: +12
Dam: 20

Imperial Knight
Triple Attack
It's a Trap!
Synergy (+4 attack while an allied Imperial Knight is within 6 squares) 
Cortosis Gauntlet 17 (whenever this character rolls an 17 or better on a save when using Lightsaber Block against an enemy with a lightsaber, that enemy gets -20 Damage fo the rest of the round

Force 4:
Lightsaber Block
CE: Adjacent followers gain bodyguard.
So, take Wednesday's Antares Draco and put him on steroids.  The end result would be Emperor Roan Fel, who's stats are deceptively close to Draco's.  The only difference is an extra +2 attack.  Now, normally 100 HP on a melee beatstick at this price range would be atrocious.  However, Roan's killer CE makes up for this is most situations.  Essentially he can surround himself with ugnaughts or whatever you like for cheap/effective bodyguards.  So, you just crit on me with Bane for 80 damage?  Here, you killed an uggy.  Of course you need to be very careful around flamethrowers, missiles, grenades, repulse, etc.  So, what else does Roan have over Draco?  Well, triple instead or double for one.  Two, he also has opportunist which, with synergy, means he can't hardly miss for 90 damage on activated opponents.  This works great with a Thrawn Swap by swapping him in at the end of a round adjacent to an activated opponent and wailing for 90 damage, followed by 60 dam at the start of the next.  It's the same as black and blue, only now we call it purple and blue :P
There are a couple other handy additions/upgrades over Draco as well.  For one, Gauntlets 18 is now Gauntlets 17.   There's now a one in five chance of it going off, which means with 4 force points for blocks, chances are rather good that it will happen.  The other thing is "It's a trap!"  I kind of have a problem with Ackbar's famous line-turned-ability being given to half of the figs in this set, but whatever.  It's a handy addition at times as it negates stealth within six squares of Roan but honestly, you probably won't get too much use out of it.  Roan's biggest weakness, like Draco's, is his lack of defence versus ranged opponents.  Bodyguards help that a lot but it's still a huge handicap.
100pts 3/5:   Like Draco, his success here largely depends on block saves.  He can work, but he's at a disadvantage with his low HP and defence.  It's worth nothing though that Roan, Draco, and Jagged Fel comes out to 100 pts exactly.  It could work depending on who you face.  Play with it a bit and decide for yourself though.
150pts 4/5:  Here he can be run in either a Thrawn swap squad (purple and blue) or as an Imperial Knight squad.  Purple and blue is your best bet but either variant can do quite well.
200pts 4/5:  He's about the same here I would think.  Again, your best bet is a swap squad, as he is a bit of a glass cannon, especially against shooters who dominate here.  Bodyguard helps but Roan will still struggle if you try to take a more conventional approach.

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