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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Talon

Date Reviewed: May 30, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.00
150 pt: 3.00
200 pt: 3.00

Sith Dragon

Darth Talon
HP: 110
DEF: 20
ATK: +11
DAM: 20

Stealth; Mobile Attack; Twin Attack; Loner

Force 2: FR1
Force Lightning 1; Force Bubble

Today we look at what has perhaps become the face of the Legacy comics, for Talon was one of the first images released in the early teasers.  I'd say she is the body of Legacy, but Blue gives her a run for her money. ;)

Stats for Talon are pretty average, especially for the 56 points she costs.  The 110 is a minimum for a good Jedi.  Her 20 DEF is very solid, but her +11 attack is horrendous.  Luckily she has Loner to help her out some.  The problem is that you really dont want her isolated too much.  As good as she may be, she is not that good.  Also to help her stretch her HP, she has stealth.  It limits the shooters that can shoot her, and the Bith Vigo can give her evade to help out.

For offense, she actually has some good options.  I have never been huge on mobile on Jedi, but there are times where it is very helpful, especially on Talon.  She has twin attack, so that really adds to the benefit of her mobile.  She gets her two attacks despite moving.  Her force lightning will help her take a cheap shot at a grunt from range just like Nihl, but Talon can also move in, lightning a bigger target, and then mobile back out of range of the opponent.  The opponent will either have to use force points to catch up, or move and not get their attacks that turn.

Lastly, we get what really makes her good as well as unique - Force Bubble.  I do not fully understand where this came from in the comics (early issue i think), but it really is a good ability.  For only once force point you reduce damage by 20 - ANY damage - lightsabers, blasters, anything except force immune attacks.  It is block and deflect all rolled into one.  The downside is that anything over 20 (crits, any damage over 20), you are going to be force to take.  The plus side is that there are no saves involved.  Deflect may stop all of the damage, but you have a 50/50 chance of it working.  Here it is guaranteed.  Personally, I will take the guarantee.  You havent seen me roll saves.  Another reason this is so good on Talon is because she can move in, twin, and then mobile out.  If she uses force bubble, she will take no damage, eliminating the danger from multiple attackers.  The good thing is that Talon also has renewal, unlike Nihl, so this cheap damage reduction will last a very long time and really extend her HP.

100pts:  I dont think she can hang with the big guys in 100.  She is held back only by her lack of damage output. 

150pts: She may be playable here.  To be honest, i havent seen to much Sith here locally, but she could have some impact here.  Her only two drawbacks are her low attack and her faction.  Sith really do not have a lot of synergy at this time.  You can run her with a Bith and Lumiya for a decent stealth combo.  You can run her with Bane and she gets a quad attack, but she is going to have a very hard time with the big defense Jedi.

200pts:  Here is where she will be at her best.  You can do the above and more.  She is more of a defensive piece with her movement and Bubble.  At 200 you can bring in some nice help to get the damage output up.  She is going to need some testing to find some good support, but she is very playable.  Talon will only get better as the Sith faction flushes itself out in future sets.


Darth Talon
Faction: Sith
Cost: 56
Def: 20
Att: +11
Dam: 20
Mobile Attack
Twin Attack
Loner (+4 attack if no Allies are within 6 squares)
Force 1:
Force Renewal
Force Bubble (When this character takes damage, reduce damage by 20)
Force Lightning 1 (Replace attacks; range 6; target takes 20 damage)
I have to say Darth Talon is one of the more interesting Sith pieces we have today.  First off, she has mediocre stats.  Especially of note is her pitiful +11 attack.  The abilities make up for this a bit though.  Stealth gives her decent ranged defence, not to mention a Bith Black Sun Vigo will grant her evade (FP re-rollable as well.)  Twin is always great, especially on a melee piece.  Mobile may seem odd, but I'll get back to that in a minute and explain.  And finally Loner . . . an ability I hate . . . will give her a +4 attack as long as you throw her out there, out of range of the support and CE's you may have brought along.  Considering that she really needs Loner to help that crappy +11 attack (which is just horrid on a 56 point piece) you might stuggle in deciding which is better for her: Loner or support.  Anywho, on to force powers.
She only starts with one force point, which sucks.  But Force Renewal and the fact that all her powers cost only one force point means it will be difficult to use them all up.  Force Lightning 1 isn't anything special, but now we have access to a "mobile lightning."  Kinda cool.  That's not the main reason for the Mobile though . . . it works best with a new force power that is unique to Talon: Force Bubble.  For one force point she gets to negate 20 damage anytime she gets hurt from any source.  No save involved.  This is where Mobile Attack comes in.  Talon can move a couple squares and base something, twin attack, move away to avoid a double/triple/quad that might otherwise be coming her way, and negate the attack of opportunity with force bubble.  Pretty cool, huh?   A very nice ability, but it does have major limitations.  For one, with all the 30 damage shots and double/triple attacks in today's game, a lot of damage will still get through.  Also, when everyone focuses on Talon, her force points run out REALLY fast, leaving her a sitting duck.
A lot of people debate whether she's really worth the hefty 56 point cost.  Some say absolutely.  Others, like myself, say no.  My opinion is that if a beatstick with that high a costs only has a 40 damage output, then that damage has to at LEAST be reliable.  Since Talon will miss roughly half her attacks without Loner, then that's not the case with her.  I dont' care if she *is* a "finesse piece," she has too much trouble holding her own for that high of a cost.  So let's break it down:
100pts 2/5:  Here she does too little and costs too much to hang.  With only 44 points left, you can't give her enough support to really help.
150pts 3/5:  She does alright here depending on the help she brings with her.  Again, deciding between granting her evade (Bith Vigo) or trying to keep her Loner can cause you some pains.  Choose wisely.
200pts 3/5:  About the same here.  Now you can fit in Darth Krayt to give her double twin, but to pull it off you loose your mobility (as you have to stand still to double) as well as, again, her Loner bonus.  If she just had a straight +15 attack, I think she'd be worth her cost.  But having to choose between getting support/commander effects and the ability to actually hit your target really puts a damper on Darth Talon. 

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