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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Nihl
Legacy of the Force

Date Reviewed: May 28, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.0
150 pt: 2.0
200 pt: 3.0

Sith Dragon

Darth Nihl
Cost: 42
HP: 120
DEF: 20

ATK: +12
DAM 20

Double Attack, Melee Reach 2, Flurry Attack

Force 4
Force Lightning 1; Deflect

CE: Followers within 6 gain Flurry Attack.

Today we look at two of the most famous of the new Sith from the Legacy comic.  Unfortunately, we really do not know much about Nihl, so its hard to say if his figure is accurate or not.

42 points seems to be the average in todays new world of melee.  Nihl has pretty solid stats for a non-power Jedi.  Both his Hp and DEF are solid.  His attack is a bit low, but again, for one of the lesser named Jedi, it is to be expected.  He has the traditional double attack.  I have never been real fond of Flurry Attack.  It is great when it happens, but its so infrequent that it is not something you can really count on happening.  Now Melee Reach two can be very nice.  It allows Nihl to stand behind someone else and swing away.

Nihl's force powers are okay.  Unlike most of the new Jedi, Nihl has fixed force points.  4 force points is enough to be able to use them to get what you need, but not so much that you can worry about spending them at will because you will run out fast enough.  He only has two powers.  Deflect is always a huge plus to a melee character.  Force lighting 1 is a lot like Flurry Attack.  It is nice, but it isnt something that is going to swing the balance of many games.  The fact he can do 20 DAM from 6 squares away is good.  That it only costs one is good since he only has a limited number of force points, but in the end, it is just underwhelming.

The same can be said of his CE.  Flurry is not something that can be relied upon, so in the end it just gets in the way and stops Nihl from being a follower and gaining the advantages of CEs from others.  It is basically Asajj's CE from Clone Strike.  It wasn't impressive then, and it isnt impressive now.  Nihl isnt a bad piece, but he just fails to be impressive or carve out a place (or reason) to play him.  About the only thing he really has going for him is that he only costs 42 points.  He is one of the few cheap Sith.

100pts: Fu'get ubout it!  He is too weak.

150pts: Second verse, same as the first.  He has nothing overwhelming that will win a game or be built around to any affect.

200pts: If you are going to play him, this is the best place.  You can bring in plenty of help because he will need it.  I really dont know of any squad builds that are going to be really good with Nihl.  Talon is the best bet for a Sith.  After that i would go to the fringe for help.  In the end, he is more for a fun squad character.  He is good, but he just doesnt bring enough to be of much use.

Darth Nihl
Faction: Sith
Cost: 42
HP: 120
Def: 20
Att: +12
Dam: 20
Double Attack
Flurry Attack (When this character scores a critical hit, he may make an immediate attack.)
Melee Reach 2
Force 4:
Force Lightning 1
Lightsaber Deflect
CE: Followers within 6 squares gain Flurry Attack
Since I've started writing reviews for this set, I'm really starting to notice similarities in stats.  Most of the new beatsticks have the same defence and damage with low (+11 to +13) attack scores.  The HP range is a little more varied (100-140 HP) but all-in-all we have very similar stats around the board.  And yet we end up with radically different pieces due to an ever widening range of force powers and special abilities.  With that in mind, stats are average in Nihl overall.  Good HP, decent defence, low attack.  Moving on to what's really important . . .
Special abilities are an interesting mix.  We have double, which is the minimum on a 42pt beatstick these days.  Melee Reach 2 will give you some added options though.  Being able to put yourself into a position in which you can attack an opposing beatstick without basing it comes in handy.  Too bad Flurry Attack is not equally as handy.  It may not happen the entire night.  Even if it does, it hardly makes up for the fact that you'll miss almost half your attacks.
Force Powers are kinda "meh."  Deflect gives Nihl some non-melee defence.  Lightning will kill a 20 HP grunt, finish off a beatstick, or whatever.  Not super useful . . . and please note that Nihl does NOT have renewal.  Make those four force points count.
Oh, and the CE is awful.  All it does is make Nihl unable to gain triple attack through Darth Krayt's CE (which only affects followers.)  Boo.  Hiss.
100pts 2/5:  That's a negatory there, chief.  Craptastic damage output + no melee defence = really depressing game.
150pts 2/5:  Nihl will still struggle to get into the fight without getting shot up on the way.  And once he gets there, you get to miss twice before dropping like a ton of lead.  Not fun times.
200pts 3/5:  Unlike Nomi (who, I admit, I was kind of hard on,) I actually gave Nihl a "3" somewhere.  But that's only because I rounded up.  2.5 at best, for all the reasons previously mentioned.  To make it in today's game a beatstick needs one of these things: 1. Great damage output (Mara Jade, Jedi.)  2. Great defensive abilities (Shaak Ti, Jedi Master.)  3.  Versatility (Kyle Katarn, Jedi BMF.)  Nihl has none of these.  Oh, and he's in the "Sith" Faction, which doesn't help either.

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