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image from Wizards of the Coast

Nomi Sunrider
Legacy of the Force

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.0
150 pt: 2.0
200 pt: 2.0

Sith Dragon

Nomi Sunrider
Old Republic
Cost: 41
HP: 100
DEF: 19
ATK: +12
DAM 20

Double Attack; Mettle

Force 2, Force Renewal 1
Battle meditation; Lightsaber Block; Lightsaber Deflect; Sever Force

CE:  Allies gain Mettle

Today we look at one of my favorite Jedi of the Old Republic in Nomi Sunrider.  Over all i think they did a very good job of capturing who she was.  Her stats are  not what i would like, but she wasnt known for her battle prowess.  A 100HP will go very fast in todays game, especially with a +12 ATK.  She has double attack, but that is almost a necessity in today's game for Jedi.  The one thing that will help her is her mettle.  While it will only work on saves and missed attacks, you can generally figure she is going to have a +16 ATK for one attack, which is pretty good.

Nomi's force powers are sweet.  You knew she would have battle meditation as she was one of the few in her time that could do it.  However, battle meditation itself is a horrid power because it will rarely come in use.  She has block and deflect, so her survivability just went up a bit, and then you have her final force power, which is scary good.  Sever force, for 3 pts, allows you to stop a character from using force points for the rest of the skirmish.  Its going to be hard to pull off as you have to be adjacent, but if you can pull it off on the right characters it will be deadly to your opponent.  While it would be near impossible to get past the huge reserve of force points, can you imagine your Luke/Yoda piece losing access to their FPs?!  Or lord Vader or other big force using Jedi.  This is a very nice force power, and is her other trade mark, so it was nice to see.

Her CE is a good one, but not very useful at the moment.  Giving allies mettle is awesome, but it means they need one of three things: evade, parry, or block/deflect with MotF2.  Currently the only piece that can work well with her in the whole of the game is the Felucian Rancor, but be patient.  The next set due up in August is going to be centered on the Old Republic and Sith factions.  Until she gets some pieces that work better with her, Her CE will basically just increase attacks of fellow force users by +4.

100/150pts:  Here she just doesnt have enough help yet.  The OR needs more help.  At some point i can see her being a fairly solid 150 piece.

200pts: Right now she is going to be very hard to use because of her lack of support, but she is set up to be a VERY key piece in the OR squads.  Get her and hang onto her.  As the faction fills out, she is only going to get better.


Nomi Sunrider
Faction: Old Republic
Cost: 41
HP: 100
Def: 19
Att: +12
Double Attack
Force 2:
Force Renewal 1
Lightsaber Block
Lightsaber Deflect
Battle Meditation
Sever Force (Force 3; replaces turn; Target adjacent character cannot spend force points for the rest of the skirmish.  They are no longer considered to have a force rating.)
Allies gain Mettle
For the first time since their inception, the Old Republic get a little love.  And by little, I mean very little.  And by love, I mean kinda.  For 41 pts we get pretty craptastic stats on a melee beat.  100 HP is low.  19 defence is just sad on a Jedi . . . and btw, what's up with the 19 defence on Nomi and Bastila as well?  This was the era in which the Jedi were at their peak and yet the best we can do is 19 defence?  Anywho, I digress.  Her attack of +12 is remarkably mediocre as well. 
The Special Abilities are nothing to really rave about either.  She has double (opposed to Bastila's triple) and mettle which will help her paltry attack score.  Nomi is lacking in a lot of areas, but at least her force powers are solid as they come.  Figs with both deflect and block are a rarity.  Couple that with Renewal 1 and suddenly 100 HP isn't so bad.  Unfortunately, she's so easy to hit that it's kind of counteracted.  I don't really see the point of battle meditation either, seeing as the ONLY other unique for Old Republic has it as well.  Ah well, it's nice to have on a character with renewal. 
Finally though we get to the gimmick force power.  A gimmick that can turn the game around if she lives long enough to pull it off.  Sever force will remove the force rating of an adjacent target and make it so they can't use force powers.  I pulled it off in a release tourny on Shado Vao which pretty much won it for me.  In constructed though you'll have a hard time pulling it off as Nomi is usually sacrificed in the process.  It replaces turn and costs three force points, so use it wisely.
One last little nugget is her CE which grants all Allies Mettle.  This is handy for any other force users in your squad as it greatly increases their chances to hit and make their saves.
100pts 2/5:  She'll drop faster here than you can say "Lightsaber Assault and Sith Rage."  Sever force can make a difference but you'll loose half your squad in the process, not to mention most of the big hitters do just fine without spending force points.  Get to it go off on Loda though and he'll be in big trouble.  But then again he can Force Defence your Sever Force . . . go figure.
150pts 2/5:  Better, but only marginally.  A general lack of support from her faction (which only has 8 other pieces to choose from, btw) means you'll have to rely on fringe heavily.  She'll still drop like a ton of bricks.
200pts 2/5:  I wanted to give her a 3/5 in SOME format, but I just can't.  She has more room for support here but so does your opponent . . . and theirs will be better.  Nomi won't even be able to get close enough to work her gimmick unless you pull a fast one.  And there's not even a guarantee you'll play against someone fielding figs with force ratings.  I wouldn't try her anywhere unless you're just playing for fun.

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