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image from Wizards of the Coast

Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Mar. 7, 2008

Sith Dragon Uggernaught
Cost: 34

HP: 100
DEF: 16
ATK: +6
DAM: 20

Twin Attack; Mounted Weapon; Rigid; Furious Assault

They were SO close to making a really competitive huge with this piece. It is fairly cheap all said and done. 36 points give you a lot of building options. With 100HP it can take at least a few hits. The defense and attacks are not real great, btu this piece is pretty much assuming you will be running a commander some where to boost it.

Of course rigid and mounted weapon are big drawbacks on this piece, but then again they are needed to keep this from being a sick piece. Twin means it will get to move and get two attacks, while adding furious assault makes for some very nice crowd control. The uggernaught can now run 12 and attack every legal target twice. This is one case where a huge base will actually help. You will get more unobstructed shots for more targets. With an average attack of +9 with any given commander, he is going to miss a lot, but then again would you want a piece that could do this not miss very often? In the end I think the attack is just a bit too low to be of any real use, and is the single biggest drawback of this piece.

Besides Thrawn, you can team this piece up with the Ug boss to make it explosive. Run it with Veers for an accurate shooter. Kota gives it Thrawn's boost minus the swapping. There are a lot of really fun combos with the Uggernaught, but in the end that all they are - FUN combos. Do not look for this to be a real competitive piece especially with the high defenses that came out of FU.

100/150pts: Dont try it here. You will be hard pressed to to get the commanders you need in to the formats, and the huge rigid base will kill you on most maps.

200pts: Let the fun roll here. He will get plenty of support to make your opponents very cautious. Although, as I said, you had better hope the die is with you or it will be a very quick game for you (and not the good way).

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