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image from Wizards of the Coast

Muun Tactics Broker
Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Mar. 18, 2008

Sith Dragon Muun Tactics Broker
HP: 10
DEF: 11
ATK: +3
DAM: 10

Tactics Broker

This is perhaps the most interesting pieces out of the new set.  For 8pts its stats are not actually half bad, but you will never run this guy for his stats.  By sacrificing one of your pieces (this is mandatory BTW), your opponent's initiative roll is automatically a 1.  It means you have a 90% chance of winning the initiative.  Should you roll a 1, well you just lost a piece for nothing as his effect doesnt count for rerolls.

This is great for not only cunning based squads, but it happens to be a fantastic counter to Thrawn as well.  Then again the downside is that this piece will kill you if you play against San Hill.  This is why you always want to bring him in through Lobot instead of making him a squad staple.  There are two musts with this piece.  The first is that you have to have the option not to use him (lobot).  The second is that you ahve to have a way to kill him.  I guarantee that when an opponent sees you are playing him, they will hit turtle mode for as long as tehy can, and then they will go for fodder pieces.  The worst thing in the world is if you had to kill a beat stick with your own MTB.  By its very nature you will have to plan on an aggressive squad to make the most out of your MTB.  The other thing to know is that you do have to build for his use even if you do not bring him in through Lobot, opting for something else.  This means you are going to leed a lot of grunts, namely ugs to sacrifice. 

The nice thing about the MTB is that at 8pts there are a lot of options to bring in with him.  You can do 4 ugs if you run the Ug boss for explosive control of your MTB, or a gonk if you have a power shooter that can use the extra attack.  While this piece hasnt really proven itself a top tier candidate, it can be powerful if used correctly.  I have to admit that every squad that  i have built for it's use, i have opted for something better to counter my opponents.

100pts:  Dont try it here.  There simply are not enough activations to stop your opponent from turtling you to death.

150/200pts: Here is where you want to run it.  It seems tailor made for the Rebels, who live off of cunning, but it can also be useful in many other squads.  In a San Hill build, you can base your opponent, and then sacrifice San, so you can not only win the init, but you can now activate two characters instead of only one.  If you want to use the MTB, practice a lot.  He takes some know-how to be run correctly.

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