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image from Wizards of the Coast

Vong, Jedi Hunter


Date Reviewed: June 20, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4.0
150 pt: 4.0
200 pt: 4.0

Sith Dragon

Vong, Jedi Hunter
Cost: 20
HP: 70
DEF: 16
ATK: +9
DAM: 10

Melee; Force Immune; Twin Attack; Jedi Hunter; Thud Bug; Crab Armor 6

Today we do the new teeth of the Vong.  The VJH has had a major impact on the game - great for vong, not so much for Jedi.  For 20pts you have stats that are off the flippin chart!  The VJH has a whopping 70 HP and a solid 16 DEF and +9 ATK.  The base 10DAM sucks, but that is what the shaper is for as its typical Vong.

You get into the abilities, and this guy gets even bigger.  Add crab armor 6 onto the alreay beefy 70HP and its going to go even further, especially when you consider that its a save of 6!  This is the first vong that is a serious offensive threat.  The +9 may not be great, but he has twin, so he always gets two shots.  His big problem is that big defense Jedi, but hold it.  The VJH has Jedi hunter to boost his ATK to a +13 for 20 DAM.  That means he needs 7s for the average Jedi.  The VJH can average 40 DAM (60DAM with a shaper)to the average Jedi, while a Jedi will only average 20DAM on a double attack.  Considering the swarms you can make, Jedi should be afraid, very afraid.  They are also equipped with thud bugs if they want to try to activate a character.

Jedi not being able to use the force powers that generally give them their powers, really makes this a one sided game when its VJH vs Jedi.  This is why i think we need to start to see some Jedi with parry.  Of course the Vong are not perfect.  They are still going to have a heck of a time dealing with anything with damage reduction and shooters that can pack a punch and over power their VCA.

100pts: Believe it or not, the VJH is very playable here, especially since this format is generally a Jedi ruled format.  They can pack a punch and take a wollup in return.  It may take some maneuvering, but it is playable.

150/200pts:  They are very playable in both of these formats.  You can run them in swarms or work in Lah or other help.  The shaper makes these guys deadly if you can keep her alive.  The vong are not only very playable, but they are pushing hard for tier 1 status.


Yuuzhan Vong Jedi Hunter
Faction: Yuuzhan Vong
HP: 70
Def: 16
Att: +9
Dam: 10
Twin Attack
Jedi Hunter (+4/+10 vs force users)
Force Immunity
Thud Bug
Vonduun Crab Armor 6 (When this character takes damage, he can reduce the damage dealt by 10 with a save of 6)
Goodness gracious, what an absolute beast we have today.  They call this guy a Jedi hunter for a reason, but first things first.  The stats by themselves are solid across the board, save damage which is a paltry 10.  However, that 10 damage grows to ridiculous numbers with the right support.  The special abilities this guy has is through the roof.  Twin attack is great, especially on a melee piece.  Moving six and attacking twice is always gold.  Force immunity is also lovely with all the force users running around today.  Thud bug is standard on Vong, apparently, but typically you'll not want to waste your attacks to try and thud someone.  Bring in cheaper pieces for that.  Vonduun Crab Armor 6 (yes, 6!) is absolutely amazing.  Not only do we have 70 HP on a 20 point piece, but Crab Armor 6 gives you the next best thing to DR10 . . . perhaps it *is* better considering it works against lightsabers and penetration 10.  This guy is a total tank.
I saved the Jedi Hunter ability for last simply because I wanted to illustrate the potential damage output of a piece with only base 10 damage.  Lets say we have Warmaster, a shaper, and an Advance Agent Officer all within six squares of our 20 point powerhouse(s).  You win initiative, move at least a square and twin someone with a force rating.  Assuming you are still in range of your CE's (and not disrupted) you likely just hit for 100 damage.  How?  Well, we start off with a +9att/10dam.  Jedi hunter makes it +13/20.  Momentum from Warmaster boosts it to a +17/30.  Cunning attack from the Officer pumps it up even more to +21/40.  Finally, the Shaper sends you into the stratosphere with +21/50.  You have twin, so do it twice :)  +21 attack for 50 Damage?  Twice?  With a 20 point piece?  Yes, please. 
The Jedi Hunter and Shaper have made the Vong scary with this latest set.  However, there are some major weaknesses.  For one, disruptive shuts you down completely.  You still get the Shaper's +10 because it's an ability, but everything else is nullified.  Also, there's no guarantee you will face Force users.  Finally, since the Jedi Hunters are melee, you can easily get shot up on the way there, even with the 70HP and Crab Armor.  The Vong are well on their way to being truely competitive, but they still have a bit of work to be done.   
100/150/200pts 4/5:  The Jedi Hunter gets a 4 across the board, hands down.  In 100, four of these guys (plus 20 pts of support) will completely overwhelm Bane, Vader JH, or any other force user they come across.  In 150 and 200, the support will vary, but ultimately it comes down to match ups.  If you play a force-heavy opponent with little/no disruptive you will likely steamroll them.  If you play against non-force users and/or heavy disruptive, you will likely get beat down.  This is speaking from experience, mind you.  He's still a solid piece though, no matter the foe.

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