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Mini of the Day

General Dodonia

Date Reviewed: June 11, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
150 pt: 5.00
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon

General Dodonna
Cost: 9
HP: 30
DEF: 13
ATK: +3
DAM: 10

Affinity (New Republic)

CE: You can choose to activate one character per phase.

Unfortunately i do not have time to do this review justice.  Dodonna is one of the two commanders in this set that has had a real and tangible effect on the game.  He is basically a San Hill for the Rebels and New Republic but better.  He costs one cheaper than San and has roughly the same stats, which are horrid for a low level commander. 

This character is obviously run for his CE.  While you lose the reserves, you gain the option to activate one or two characters per phase.  This allows you the out activation control of a San Hill squad, while allowing you to activate two characters once you get into the round where you need to unleash the big hit.  This allows you to run lower activation squads with bigger beefier characters.  I had an email come in for my Ask the Dragon section that i will get to in the near future where i will get more into detail.

100pts:  I dont know that he really works here.  I have yet to see Tempo control do very well here.

150pts: God yes!  This is where tempo control is king.  It can match maneuvers with a San Hill squad.  It can counter B&B because you can out activate it and get a huge blast on Vader, and since most of the rebels/new republic revolve around Cunning, activating two big Cunning attacks on Vader could be devastating.  It has all of the benefits of San without the drawbacks, but just because you can activate two when the attacks start mean that you should.  It takes practice to run these style squads.

200pts:   Tempo control is very good here, but there are generally enough threats that its hard to take down the core of a squad both by a Dodonna squad and the opponent, but it still sets up a nice control.  Dodonna is still a very good piece her as well.

In today's game you have to manipulate one of two abilities - initiative control or tempo control.  Dodonna allows you to manipulate the later very effectively.

General Dodonna
Faction: Rebel
Cost: 9
HP: 30
Def: 13
Att: +3
Dam: 10
Affinity (New Republic)
CE:  You can choose to activate only one character each phase. (This includes droids and savage characters.)
Today we have Jan "The Man" Dodonna, arguably the most game changing commander released with Legacy of the Force.  Forget the stats.  They aren't important as long as you know that he needs to stay back and hidden at all times.  He only has one SA, and that's the ability to be played with New Republic squads as well as Rebel.  Now, read his Commander Effect; it's a doozy.
No, this isn't an Ozzel or San Hill for Rebels/New Republic.  The operative word here is "choose."  At the beginning of each phase (not round, phase,) you get to declare (yes, you MUST declare, otherwise the default is two activations) whether or not you will be activating one or two figs before making your opponent go.  Now, most know by now that the reason San and Ozzel work so well is that you can outactivate your opponent far easier and move all your beats at the end of a round without giving your opponent the chance to respond.  It makes you very powerful at the end of a round.  However, what keeps this strategy in check is that you are very weak at the beginning of the next round.  Your opponent will smack back with two figs for each one of yours.  Well, Dodonna eliminates this flaw.  You can activate only one until your opponent is done, move/attack with all the rest of your figs, and then the following round activate two as normal.  Oh, did I mention he costs less than either San Hill or Ozzel? (Keep in mind he doesn't have Reserves like the other two, though.)
As much as I love this piece, and as much as I love the fact that the New Republic got a much needed boost out of it, I'm a little disgusted that the Rebels are now completely over the top.  Rebels were already borderline overpowered (arguably) but Dodonna just kind of seals the deal.  At 9 points, there are very few squads that don't benefit greatly from his presence . . . squads that were already top tier.
100pts 3/5:  You'll have trouble keeping him safe, and there are very few squads that can truly benefit from his CE here, but he does have a few applications.
150pts 5/5:  For the love, play him here . . .
200pts 5/5:   . . . and here.

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