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image from Wizards of the Coast

Shado Vao


Date Reviewed: July 2, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.00
150 pt: 3.00
200 pt: 3.00

Sith Dragon

Shado Vao
New Republic
Cost: 48
HP: 100
DEF: 22
ATK: +13
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Greater Mobile Attack

Force 2, FR1: Block, Deflect, Precision, Riposte, Master of the Force 2

Today we look at one of the best new Jedi for New Republic.  Shado is a Jedi from the Legacy comic that is one of Cade's teachers.  Shado is a mixed bag.  He has some areas where he could be better, yet has enough going on that he is a quality Jedi.

For 48 points you get a very shallow 100HP, a very solid 22DEF, an average +13 ATK and the base 20DAM.  For 48 points i really wish he had more than 100HP.  He has some tricks to extend it, but they are not consistently reliable enough.  Even 110HP would have been better.  100HP just doesnt go as far as it used to in today's game.  His defense and bag of tricks will help some though.  I can live with his +13ATK because only the bigger Jedi are going to get into that precious +15 and up status.

Of course Shado has double attack.  No self respecting Jedi today will come to the party with less, but he also has the new ability from this set that is fantastic.  We have had twin attack, which only allows you to move and attack one target twice.  We have had Mobile attack which allows you to move/attack/move.  Garm Iblis was the first step in bring movement and multiple attacks together.  Now we get Greater Mobile Attack.  With this Shado can move/double attack/move.  This is great for Jedi as it can allow him to advance and still get his two attacks, and then possibly move again.  Combine this with his bag of tricks, and you can have some sick combos that i will get to in a minute.

Shado's force powers are tremendous.  He has an answer for everything, and his renewal means he can do them the whole game.  He can deflect blaster shots.  He can block melee.  He can riposte melee.  You give me a Jedi with all of this, and i am normally a happy camper, but Shado also has Master of the Force 2, which allows for a wicked combo of these abilities.  You can block and riposte the same attack.  You can deflect a double attack, or use one of them and have a reroll if you miss.  These are great!  As if that wasn't enough, Shado has a long forgotten force power that made my list of force powers that we need to see more - Lightsaber Precision.  Shado can now do 30 DAM on a single attack, double attack for 60, riposte for 30.  This opens up a whole world of possibilities with MotF2 and all of his assorted powers.  If you add in greater mobile, you can mobile for 60.  You can move up double attack another Jedi, then move away, and when they take their attack of opportunity, you can go for a block.  If you make it, you can then block the damage and riposte the attack for an effective triple that leaves you not based to the jedi, taking away their chance to double/triple.  Dont even ask what happens when you get a Shado vs Shado. ;)

100pts: The only thing stopping him here is his 100HP.  He has the cost and abilities to do some damage, but he will fall too fast to the big guns of 100pts.

150pts: Here he will shine greatly.  He can have a lot of help with his cost and can do a lot in return thanks to his renewal.  His big downside is going to be his HP and running into force immunity.  Take away his bag of force tricks and he is vastly over costed and not worth his points, but something has to keep this Master Jedi in check.  He is a great piece that is both powerful and fragile.

Shado Vao
Faction: Republic
Cost: 48
HP: 100
Def: 22
Att: +13
Dam: 20
Double Attack
Greater Mobile Attack
Force 2:
Renewal 1
Master of the Force 2
Lightsaber Block
Lightsaber Deflect
Lightsaber Precision
Lightsaber Riposte
Today's mini is one I have somewhat mixed feelings on.  The stats feel a little low in some areas, good in others.  100 HP is low for 48 pts.  The defence is great on a Jedi these days. +13 attack is average for a melee piece in this range.  Shado just has double attack but greater mobile is an interesting take on a melee beat.  It's almost like a built in Lightsaber assault but also allows you to make hit and run attacks. 
Force powers are where Shado gets complicated.  He has renewal and MOTF 2 which are outstanding together.  He also has dang near everything this the word "lightsaber" in it.  Few pieces have block AND deflect, not to mention the ability to reroll a failed block or save with MOTF 2.  This helps his 100 HP out tremendously.  Precision is a crappy ability, to be honest.  You can use Precision on both of your attacks if you like to boost him to 60 damage a turn, but you also loose two force points and the ability to reroll those attacks.  With a +13, Shado will miss a lot, so you're better off saving for rerolls and deflects/blocks. 
All this looks great on paper, but in reality, Shado's force points drain so quickly that he can easily be drained by round 3.  Once those points are gone, he drops like a ton of lead.  The damage output isn't great either.  Like I said, Precision is just an awful Sith Rage as it just affects one attack . . . often times you'll want to spend those points elsewhere.  Riposte could help boost damage too, but you'll probably want to block again or reroll the first block instead in most scenarios.  It's weird . . . everything feels like he should be a great piece but somehow he falls flat on his face.  I'll give him another chance at some point, but he's hard to really recommend.
100pts 2/5:  He's very hit or miss here.  Unfortunately when he *does* hit, it isn't hard enough to make a big difference.  It mostly comes down to the match-up and the map.  
150/200pts 3/5:  He's better here, but still struggling.  If you use him, you will most likely have very varied results.

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