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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Luke's Snowspeeder
Force Unleashed


Date Reviewed: July 15, 2008

Sith Dragon

Luke's Snowspeeder
Cost: 45
HP: 90
DEF: 20
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Flight; Speed 16; Twin Attack; Mobile Attack; Mounted Weapon; DR 10; Harpoon Gun

Force 4

Today we go back a set to look at a piece that may see a resurgence in the near future.  Part of the help for this piece is the current set up changes in DCI that allows large/huges start with part of their base outside of the traditional 4 row starting area.  Now that you can no longer be trapped by maps like Bespin.

For the piece itself, you have to pay a steep 45 points.  You only get 90 HP which isnt good, but is better than it looks.  The 20 DEF is very solid.  The +12 is a bit on the weak side, and the 20 base damage is normal.  So far not that impressive, but let's see where the powers lead.

The piece has flight, so it will not be hindered by terrain, which is usually a huge's biggest problem.  The speeder has speed 16.  Combined with flight there is no place on the board that this piece cannot reach.  It gives it a deep threat capability that will scare most squads with fragile commanders.  With twin attack, the speeder can move and still get two attacks off.  Not too bad.  It also has mobile attack.  Add the twin and speed 16, and you are going to get some wicked peek-a-boo shots off and make it hard for melee characters to keep up with this piece.  Mounted weapon is a bit of a detractor because you wont be able to combine fire to try and get the +12 a bit higher.  Towards the end of the list we have DR10.  This is a huge perk because it will really stretch that semi-fragile 90HP a bit further.  Finally, we have Harpoon gun.  You can pretty much ignore this ability as it is totally worthless.  Not only does it only stop movement and not attacks, but there is a save 11 attached.  This isnt something you want to give up your twin attacks for.

Since this is Luke, it has force 4, but no force powers.  Actually, i do not have a problem with this because you will be using it to reroll attacks - a lot!

Now for the possible resurgence of this piece.  Two things have changed that will really help this piece.  First off, the release of Deliah Blue means this piece has some serious heal potential.  On a normal 20 DAM attack, you will need three attacks to do 30DAM.  Blue will take that off in a single repair.  The second change that really helps this piece is the chance in DCI legal maps.  The Hoth Outpost map is now legal and a prime map for this piece.  There are few places where commanders can hide on that map where the speeder cant reach them, especially when you tag on Han in stormtrooper armor.  Does this make this a game breaker? No.  But dont be surprised if you start seeing this piece pop up in your local venues.

100pts:  This piece wont stack up much here, but then agian, its speed and mobility could be brutal.  There is a lot of help that can be brought to the table.

150pts: Here this piece will start to gain power.  While a lot can depend on map roll, again the speed and mobility can cause some real headaches.  The more points you add the more help you are bringing.

200pts:  This will be the best format for this piece, you can bring in lots of help to compensate for the speeder's +12 attack as you are going to miss a lot.  Learn to use the powers effectively together, adn you shoudl have some success with this piece.

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