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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Jariah Syn

Date Reviewed: July 29, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.00
150 pt: 3.00
200 pt: 3.00

Sith Dragon

Jariah Syn
Cost: 24
HP: 60
DEF: 16
ATK: +6
DAM: 20

Bounty Hunter +4; Cunning Attack; Jedi Hunter; Razor Bug; Thud Bug

This week we look at two of Cade's closest friends.  Today we examine Jariah.  He is a very nice piece, but his problem is he has zero synergy with any type of squad build.  For 24 points you get a respectable 60HP, a mediocre defense, a poor base attack and base 20 DAM.

His abilties are actually quite good though.  He is a bounty hunter, so right there you are now looking at a +10ATK.  He has cunning attack, so there he is up to a +14 for 30DAM, and should you face a Jedi, you are now looking at a +18 for 40 DAM.  Very Impressive to say the least, but he has two more add-ons.  Being the Vong aficionado that he is, he also has Razor bug and Thud bug.  With his stats there are really very few times you would use razor bug.  Thud bug might be useful for an activation, but since he lacks force immunity, a Jedi would get rerolls, so why not just shoot since you would have cunning and jedi hunter anyway?  He lacks accurate and if he gets no bonuses, then he is back to mediocre status.  With only 60HP, he can be a quick kill for 30DAM pieces and will score a very nice 24 pts for your opponent.

100pts: I would not run him here.  Against Jedi he can hit big, but he will fall too fast against most builds as many of the big hosses can easily do 60DAM in a single activation.

150pts:  Again i think he is too fragile here.  You can play him for fun, but i would not trust him against top builds, especially when you can always find something better.

200pts: This will be the best place to run him if you want to.  You had better have some good interference though, or he will go down fast.  The problem is that without accurate, mobile or stealth of any type, your opponent will do everything they can to take him down for a quick point lead.  He is a solid piece, but he just doesnt synergize very well with most of the dominant squad types.  Run him for fun, but i wouldnt recommend him for any serious tourneys.

Jariah Syn
Faction: Fringe
Cost: 24
Def: 16
Att: +6
Dam: 20
Bounty Hunter + 4
Cunning Attack
Jedi Hunter
Thud Bug
Today we have an interesting mid-cost shooter.  24 points gets you a crappy 60 HP, decent 16 defence, crappy +6 attack and standard 20 damage.  Fortunately his special abilities pump up the attack and damage significantly.  With cunning, Jedi Hunter, and Bounty Hunter all in effect his attack becomes +18 for 40 Dam!  Wow . . . he only shoots once, but good lord it hurts.  Unfortunately his low defence, HP, and lack of defensive abilities means he won't be around too long to do much anything.  What makes him so interesting though is that he's the only non-vong character to have razorbug or thudbug.  Razor is great for picking off super defence stormies but not much else.  Thud bug requires you to pass on your attacks in order to try and activate someone.  Unfortunately, since Syn is NOT Vong, the enemy can reroll that save with a FP (Usually better to just shoot their face for 40 Dam.) 
Syn is a fringe follower, so there are a stupid number of CE combos to try him with.  Kota for +3/+3.  Advantageous from Han or Vader.  Double from Windu or Krayt.  The list goes on.
100pts 2/5:  He won't be able to do much with that crappy 60 HP, but if he gets a couple shots in, he can be worth your time.
150/200pts 3/5:  He has lots of CE's available to him here, but again, keeping him alive to do anything significant is a real trick.  Great example of a glass cannon . . . really more of a glass pistol >_>

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