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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

General Veers, Hologram
Target Promo

Date Reviewed: Jan. 7, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: xx
150 pt: xx
200 pt: xx

Sith Dragon General Veers, Hologram
Cost: 17
No stats

Hologram: Ignores all terrain. Cannot open doors. Cannot be attacked or suffer damage, and cannot be targeted. Does not provide cover. This character is defeated if it activates with no trooper ally within 2 squares.

CE: At the end of this character's turn, choose one non-unique trooper follower within two squares. Until the end of the round, that character gains fire support mission (replaces turn - Choose 1 enemy within line of sight, ignoring cover. 60 DAM to target enemy and every character within two squares, save 6. A successful save reduces damage to 10).

Today we do the other unique piece from the new Hoth pack. The rebels got a ghost so of course the Imperials have to follow suit with their own insubstantial piece. The only team you are going to run Holo Veers is with a stormtrooper squad. Troopers have gotten a big boost the last couple sets, and this makes another nice addition. If you are running a trooper squad, it should be no problem keeping Veers next to a trooper to keep him from being defeated.

Not only can a 5pt trooper now have a 30 DEF, but now a trooper can do 60 DAM on one to several pieces! This is getting insane. A save of 6 makes it easier than normal to get out of the damaging effect, but when people like me are horrible at saves, it really is a scary thing. I played against this piece and sure enough, my Boba merc failed his save and took a quick 60 DAM.

The other huge part of FSM is that it ignores cover. You do not have to worry about having the effect jammed by the ugnaught standing in front of the target you want. It also can help against super stealth armies. Having to worry about keeping pieces away from each other is also a worrisome thing when facing FSM. It would really bite to have a quick 120 DAM done to two major Jedi right off the bat. While the odds of that are small with only a save 6, I have played a game where my CS Yoda and Master Kenobi betrayed to Sith Lord in back-to-back attacks.

100pts - Don't see this playing much here. It is possible, but with the uncertainty of the 60 DAM, you cant rely on it enough to make it worth it.

150pts - He actually can be run here. Since you are talking about a bunch of 5pt figs, you have plenty of room for Thrawn and a medium beat stick (50ish Vader or his apprentice). It is very playable here as if you hit the 60 on a major character it can be back breaking.

200pts - Infinitely playable here. Now you can run a major beatstick or just hordes and hordes of troopers. A quick Thrawn swap can also put the tagged trooper in position to hit a very juicy target. A fun piece that is small enough to work into a lot of squads. Wouldn't you play a character with Grenades 60 with range 2 and splash 10? That is essentially what Veers gives you.

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