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image from Wizards of the Coast

Han Solo of Hoth
Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Jan. 24, 2008

Sith Dragon Han Solo of Hoth
Cost: 33
HP: 80
DEF: 18
ATK: +8
DAM: 20

Cunning Attack; Double Attack; Evade

Tuesday we had Craptastic Chewie. Now we get his partner craptastic Han. At least Chewie could find a niche. This Han is just kinda out there flappin in the wind.

At 33 points this Han is the third most expensive behind rebel hero and scoundrel. His defense falls right in between the two and his attack is worse than both. The damage is standard.

Han has his Cunning attack as most of his versions do. It at least helps the horrid attack a bit. He is the first Han to ever have double attack, meaning he can miss twice as often, and finally he has evade so he can suck for longer than normal. Note that this is the first Han to not have or have access to accurate shot, and he also lacks mobile.

Now why is he so bad? He costs way too much for way too little. If he were costed as a mid 20s piece i would say he isnt too bad, but at 33 points, he is utter garbage. He has no accurate. He has a horrible attack, and to use him means you have to pass on using a Han that can actually do something through CE or attacking.

Also, he lacks any type of useful niche like Hoth Chewie had with his gunner and IR20. You can throw him in with Garm but why? He can move out three, and attack twice (possibly moving back again with Leia, Senator's CE, but he is just going to miss a lot unless you are having a game where you are rolling lights out. Against major targets with a solid defense, he will be worthless.

If you either lower his cost or give him better stats he would be worth it, but as is...no way.

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