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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Vader's Apprentice, Redeemed
Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Feb. 1, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Overall Rating: 4.00

Sith Dragon Vader's Apprentice, Redeemed
Cost: 48
HP: 130
DEF: 22
ATK: +11
DAM: 20

Double Attack


Force Push 4 (F4, replaces attacks, sight)-40 DAM to target. Push back 4 squares if huge or smaller
Force Push 5 (F5, R6, replaces turn)-50 DAM to target and each character adjacent to target. Push each back 5 squares if huge or smaller. Huge and smaller are activated, save 16.

Today we look at the cannon ending to the game. He costs the same as his dark side self. The only difference in stats is that the redeemed has +2 DEF and -2 ATK. As with the dark side version, he has solid stats.

He has double attack like most Jedi will these days, but because of the game his real focus is his force powers. Normally the dark side focuses in heavy offense, where the light side goes defensive, but this time they are both pretty offensive in nature. Only the type really changes. Push4 can be pretty deadly because without range and being able to move 6 to get your target to become legal, is some nice damage. Distance from afar is always a plus for Jedi. Push5 can be even deadlier, but it is a bit harder to set up correctly. It replaces turn, so there can be no movement, and limited to a 6 square range means you have to get up semi close. The bonus to getting the ability set up is that it is essentially force lightning and then some. You do a very nice 50 DAM not only to your target, but anyone adjacent to that target. Then you get to push them all away from you up to five squares. If that wasn't enough, you then get to activate those characters with a whopping save of 16. It is good this is a bit harder to pull because it can be brutal.

100pts: As with his evil twin, I am not going to say he can't do it here. There is little init control here, so if you can add a Rauntaun for recon, and get some favorable rolls, you could do some real damage. You also have room for a nice mid-range shooter like Lando, DS and some solid activations. Either that or try Garm for some reinforcements and allowing him to move 3 and still double. Try him here and see what happens.

150/200pts: Again, like his evil twin, i am going to group these together. Add in some init control, Yoda for more force points, Han rogue to stop opponents from getting itit control over you, ect. There is a lot you can do to help and support the Apprentice. The thing i personally like is that you can now run Jedi based squads with Him, Luke, Obi, Shaak, ect. You will need to use him correctly, but he can be a very nice compliment to rebel squads.
Stilla Vader's Apprentice, Redeemed

Set: Force Unleashed
Faction: Rebels
Number: 25/60
Rarity: R

Cost: 48
Hit Points: 130
Defense: 22
Attack: 11
Damage: 20

Special Abilities:

Melee Attack; Double Attack

Force Powers:

Force 2; Force Renewal 1

Force Push 4 (Force 4, replaces attacks: sight; 40 damage; push back target 4 squares if Huge or smaller)

Force Push 5 (Force 5, replaces turn: range 6; 50 damage to target and to each character adjacent to that target, and push back target and each character adjacent to that target 5 squares if Huge or smaller. Huge or smaller characters are considered activated this round; save 16)

Hello again fellow sentients,

Today we have the Lightside version of Vader's Apprentice. Again, no backstory on this guy as of yet. I would guess that Vader's Apprentice has been saved from the Darkside. This is possible and has been done by a few (Luke, Vader, Jacen Solo, Revan...) but we'll have to wait for the Force Unleashed to come out to know for sure. In SWM, this guy force powers pack a punch. The offensive power of Force Lightning has been replaced with the defensive-based power of Force Push.

For stats he is similar to his evil self with a few differences. VAR has +2 defence compared to his other version. He also has -2 attack which is not good. Seeing how this is the lightside version, it makes sense for a character to be more defensive as opposed to a killing machine. +11 attack is not that great, as a matter of fact, its horrid for a 48 point piece. Defence of 22 is nice and solid. 130 hitpoints will be able to take some shots while he moves in to use his double attack or push. The Rebels needed another Jedi and they got a good one.

Once again, we have a piece who's force powers make me want to play him. Pushing is awsome, plain and simple. try to push people into difficult terrain to slow them down. Not only can you push away triple attackers to avoid damage, they take damage and can be activated to boot. This is huge combo. If you get based by a beatstick, you can push them away to avoid taking damage. Even better than that, try to push them adjacent to your beatstick. Luke, CotF can then "Use the Force" and triple for massive damage. There are many uses for Push and many different scenarios that will call for it. I believe the rule for push is that the "pusher" decides the movement as long as each square is farther away than the last. Have fun with this, the options are endless. Oh and BTW, enemies pushed into a pit are considered defeated, save 11. Save 6 if they have flight. Enjoy.

Rating - 4. Fun to play. Force Push makes this guy handy to have.
Sculpt - 4. Looks aggressive.

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