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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Caamasi Noble
Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Feb. 8, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon Caamasi Noble
Cost: 5
HP: 10
DEF: 12

Diplomat: This character is not a legal target, and doesn't count as the nearest enemy if an enemy without diplomat is in line of sight even when adjacent.

First off this character is indeed fringe, not rebel as his card would indicate. His stats are...well...there are none. He costs five points. Now given that he is a follower, he can benefit from CEs that grant bonuses allowing him to shoot (that's right - shoot. He does not have melee on his card so he can shoot, just not combine fire). Anyway, you aren't playing this guy for attacks anyway. This is one of the coolest new pieces from the set, not because of offense, but because of defense.

His diplomat ability basically means that as long as your opponent can see another of your pieces, he cant attack the Caamasi. It the famous "you cant kill him or i will tell on you" scenario. So what good does this do? It makes him incredibly annoying for starters. The only things that can work on him are chaining effects like missiles or grenades, or blanket powers that do not target such as repulse or Jacen's force bomb. Sweep does not work even though it does not target because you are not allowed to attack the Caamasi in any form.

Again, so what good is this piece? Well, there are lots of options, especially at only 5pts. Have you ever tried to use a melee attacker to attack an enemy that you cant reach? You put a few Caamasi in front of a shooter between walls or doors, and a melee figure cant reach teh shooter to dispatch it. In DCI play, you can run this guy out as soon as you make your attack and you have instant gambit collector that cant be killed. Getting shot up by that pesky Golan Turret from Wednesday's review? Run a Caamasi up to its base and you just neutralized the Turret. It cant attack the Caamasi, but because the Caamasi is adjacent it cant shoot anyone else. Just because you cant attack it doesn't mean you can ignore the adjacency rules.

The downsides to this piece, well other than the whole no offense thing, the only real downside to this piece is that you have to be very carefull on your placement. Some maps have wicked line of sights and characters can sometimes find shoe string shots that really shouldnt be there.

People have tried to build offense around this piece, but it really isnt what it was designed for. You dont build squads around it, but you can bring them in as filler that can really aggravate your opponent. It is playable in all three formats.

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