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image from Wizards of the Coast

Garm Bel Iblis
Force Unleashed


Date Reviewed: Feb. 26, 2008

Sith Dragon Garm Bel Iblis
New Republic
HP: 70
DEF: 16
ATK: +9
DAM: 10

Affinity: Rebels, Reinforcements 30

CE: Followers can move up to half speed and still use force powers and abilities that grant extra attacks.

Garm Bel Iblis.  He was the leader that could counter Thrawn in the books.   NR has only been getting 1-2 figs per set, but each one has been fantastic.  Garm is no different.

Garm's stats are, as Kenobi would put it, depend on your point of view.  Are his stats good for 45 points?  Not even close, but look at them again.  Are they worth 15 points?  When you figure that his cost has the reinforcements 30 built in and he is really only 15 points, his stats become fantastic!  Of course he isnt going to deal much damage, but that isnt why you play commanders.

First off, Garm has affinity for the rebels, so he can help out either the rebs or the NR.  A big help is his dual reinforcements 30.  It isnt dual because its two sets of reinforcements, but because Garm can bring in non-unique rebels, new republic, OR bring in both rebels and NR.  This can help bring in rebel grunts to the NR, which they are sorely lacking.  You can bring the NR cheap grunts, the golan turret, troop cart, the rebel leader and mon cal techs.  Rebels can get characters like the NR commander or young Jedi Knights.

Finally, you have the best part of Garm.  It is the reason you are going to run him and why he is called Boba, Merc's shadow.  His CE allows characters to move half their speed and still use abilities and force powers that allow extra attacks.  This means that the average Jedi can move three and still use double, triple attack(Jacen, Jaina, Felcor), and shooters like Boba Merc can move three and still double attack.  Tack on Boba's Intuition and you have a mobile attacker with some powerful damage output.  An interesting rules note, is that at current you cannot use force powers to move two extra squares.  You can only move the three, but if you use Garm with Leia, Senator, her CE does work with Garm, granting a pseudo mobile for anyone within 6 of Leia.

100pts: He cant really bring in the right help to be of effect here.

150pts: Here he can start to see play.  It can be a bit hard to work him because you run out of points so quickly, but he can work.  It just means you will have your core characters in the squad, and his reinforcements will need to be used to up your activations.

200pts: This will be his best format simply because he can affect the most.  his reinforcements allows not only for customization, but activation adjustment, which is always a plus.  The only real downside to Garm is that there are not a lot of characters right now that he helps.  As i said he was tailor made for Fett Merc, but most of the rebels that are worth playing are either single attackers, or twin attackers.  In the NR he helps a bit more because he can help the twins and Corran Horn.  This next set will bring him some more love as we are going to see a lot of Jedi.  Garm is a great piece that is only going to get better as we see more rebel, NR, and fringe double attackers.

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