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image from Wizards of the Coast

Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Feb. 19, 2008

Sith Dragon Proxy
Cost: 41
DEF: 12
ATK: +1
DAM: 10

Droid; Melee; Double Attack; Mimetic Combat Processor (this character uses the DEF, ATK, and DAM of itself or any 1 med melee character within 6 squares)

Force 2
Lightsaber Block

Today we have a very interesting character. This is one way to make you partner a character with another. Proxy has 120 HP, which really isnt too bad, but the rest of his stats are a bit out of the box. You don't play Proxy for his stats. You play him for the stats he can copy.

His stats are horrendous, but he can copy the stats of a melee character within 6 so long as ALL stats (ATK, DEF and DAM) are equal to or higher than the stats he is currently using. For your part, this is where you pair him with the likes of Vader, Bane, Exar or other beefy character. Then his 41 points seems pretty good. Tyranus is also a good choice because once you copy his stats, Tyranus can then give dark inspiration to Proxy.

Proxy does have force. How this is explained in the game is going to be interesting. The good is that he has block, two attack rerolls, or moving two extra squares twice. The downside is that he is a unique droid, so he is immune to commander effects and cant get any droid bonuses.

100pts: Outside of a dynamic Duo match, he wont cut it here. Since you have to copy someone, you are looking at pretty much a 2-4 man squad.

150pts: Here he can be played when paired with a beat stick, but most times you are going to have a very melee focused squad. he wont be a top piece, but he can be fun.

200pts: This will be his best format. You can afford the big beat with lots of support. While he has lots of options, he wont be a great piece. Bane will be most likely the best bet as you can get him to swing for 30 DAM twice. That can be a ton of damage, combined with Bane's Beef. I havent seen him make the cut for top squads, but he can be a lot of fun to try out.

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