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image from Wizards of the Coast

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Unleashed
Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Feb. 15, 2008

Sith Dragon Obi-Wan, Unleashed
Cost: 44
HP: 110
DEF: 20
ATK: +15
DAM: 20

Double Attack

F2; FR1
Force Push 2 - F2, R6, replaces attacks 20 DAM, push back 2 squares
Force Repulse 3 - F3, replaces turn, 30 DAM to all characters within 3 squares, push back 4 squares. Huge or smaller are activated, save 11.
Force Spirit 8
Force Heal 20

We get a new Jedi Kenobi for the rebels and this one exceeds the old in many ways. Basically for 6 extra points you are getting a +1 to all base stats except damage. Not too shabby, but with most Jedi of this set, the true cost of the character is shown in the force powers.

This Obi, like most of the set, has force 2 and force renewal 1. You no longer are limited by a set number of points. All this alone almost makes him better than the original. Obi loses sweep, but gains a whole lot more. Like the original the new Obi-Wan has force spirit 8, so he is just as useful dead as he is alive. Isn't that something you want on your tombstone?

Unleashed Obi-Wan gains two new powers of the set. First off you have force push 2. This is basically a 20DAM sith lightning that also only costs two points. With regenerating force and only replacing attacks, this is a power that you should be able to use repeatedly. Any time Jedi can do damage from a distance, it can be a big help. They no longer have to run 12 and wait for next turn, they can move 6 and still do damage. This can be really handy when facing big triple attackers.

The other new power is force repulse three. This is actually an improved Force Lightning. Not only does it do 30 DAM, but it can do it to anyone within 3 squares instead of someone standing next to the target. The plus is that this will not hurt the user, but the downer is that it can hurt allies within 3, so be careful. The great thing about this power it that it can be chained with Leia, RH to turn in into a lawnmower effect. Every character Obi would kill would allow him to move 2 and change the characters that are affected by the repulse. The other bonus is that you activate the characters as well if you dont kill them, save 11. Only costing three, you should be able to pull this a couple times, depending on how aggressive you are with Obi. The only thing that might slow this up a bit is that it does replace turn.

100pts: Not sure he does enough damage here to really make the cut. If repulse had a save of 16, then he might. I would say he is borderline out for this level.

150/200pts: Here he works very well in either format. There is tons of help for him through Leia, RH, any number of different Hans, Leia RH, or all the new Jedi that can be run with Obi. I never really thought of the Rebels running all Jedi squads, but now you can. Obi-Wan, Unleashed is no game breaker, but he is a very solid figure and can really help most squads you want to use him in.

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