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Mini of the Day

General Grievous, Droid Army Commander
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Dec. 4, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
150 pt: 4.00
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon Gen Grievous, Droid Army Commander
Cost: 57
HP: 100
DEF: 19
ATK: +8
DAM: 20

Melee. Triple Attack, Jedi Hunter, Blaster 20

CE: Droid followers gain +4/+4 and gain twin attack

We look at what is perhaps the biggest meta changer of the new set. For his points, his HP is a bit on the low side. The defense is subject to interpretation. Its not bad, but isnt great either. The +8 is absolutely horrible.

He has triple attack, which is nice, but if you cant hit the broad side of a barn, does it really matter how many rocks you have to throw? The Jedi hunter does help some. He is now a +12 for 30. Some decent die rolling could seriously hurt an opponent's Jedi. The blaster 20 is an interesting ability. It gives grievous the chance to shoot from range, but there is one problem. Currently, since it does not say anything about being a non-melee
attack, the attack is blocked instead of deflected even though you can do it from across the board. I am really hoping this gets changed as it makes no sense.

Where Grievous really earns his points as a meta changer is the CE. Droids gaining a +4 attack and +4 defense actually makes them scary as you can still add in the battle droid officer for 4 more ATK. Not only that, but this Grievous also gains twin attack. The nicest thing about this is that it is making a lot of people dust off their Geonosian Overseer as a cheap form of double attack, giving any droid a quad attack. There are two things of note about Grievous' CE. First off, it lacks a range, so unlike the old commander Grievous, you dont have to keep him close to the attacker. The other thing of note is that it is for droids - not NON-UNIQUE droids. Iggy, 4-LOM, HK-47 all are subject to the CE, making them much more playable.

100pts: He is a commander first and fore most. He wont have enough room to work here. Although against an all melee team a squad of Grievous, BDO, and overseer with battle droids could do a lot of damage, but it would still be a long shot.

150pts: Here he is finding playability as there are countless droids that can be brought along to help him. The most popular right now are the lancer bikes and the Chameleon droids. His big drawback is going to be running into disruptive. Many people are dusting off their Kyle BMs as a strong source of disruptive. The Grievous squads tend to be low on activations, but high on damage output and strike range.

200pts: Here you will see Grievous at its deadliest. He has lots of room for all of his help and followers like the BHs, lancers, and such. Grievous with an overseer are just sickly good.
"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

"The Bothans rooked us again." Obi-Wan (pink5 Returns Vol2)
General Grievous, Droid Army Commander
Faction: Separatist
Cost: 57
HP: 100
Def: 19
Attack: +8
Damage: 20

Jedi Hunter
Blaster 20 (Replaces attack: Sight, +12 Attack at 20 Damage)

Droids are subject to this effect: Droid followers get +4 attack and +4 defense and gain Twin Attack

Hmm, today we look at probably the most Meta changing piece in the CW booster. Why is he that good though?

Well it’s not his stats that’s for sure for a deep 57 points you get only 100 HP, which is utterly atrocious for the cost. A defense of 19, which is horrid, and to round it of a very low +8 attack against non- force users. Plus a standard 20 damage.

His abilities make up for his stats he has triple, which is very nice, and has JH, which is a very good against those high defense Jedi. He also has a weird ability called blaster that is like the poisoned blade on the Genoharadan. Accept that it’s ranged and your attack goes from +8 to +12. I’m pretty sure that this benefits from Jedi Hunter but I’m no rules guru. But again, this wouldn’t make him the most Meta changing piece is the CW booster.

His CE is what makes his beastly. He can give all those huge droids (Tank droid, Huge Crab Droid) the stat boost’s they desperately need plus they give them twin which with most of them having 30 damage twin makes them very deadly. One great combo is him with the lancer droid. But really, what makes this CE so good is that you can use almost any type of droid and still get away with a win.

The only weakness he has is his bad stats but since he’s so important, you’ll probably keep him back anyway. Usually being separatist is a bad thing but with all the droids, it is the perfect faction for this beast, The Wizos finally got a Grievous right.

100: 2.5/5 Not enough room for droids so you basically have just him and a few droids but that won’t do it.

150: 4/5 He’s good but you can only put in low HP droids and with Yobuck running around but you can still definitely win most of the time.

200: 5/5 Now you can use any droid and have a bunch of them you can us all the IG’s in the game and you will definitely be solid. Use the IG lancer droid with Grievous and Dart Sidious and you can having some strafing death going on. Really the options are limitless and most of them are very good still so a definite 5 out of 5.

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