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image from Wizards of the Coast

Padme Amadila, Senator
Clone Wars


Date Reviewed: Dec. 20, 2008

Sith Dragon Padme Amidala, Senator

Twin Attack; Mobile Attack

CE: At the end of this character's turn, 1 unique follower within 6 squares can make an immediate attack with a +4ATK bonus.

ICE ICE BABY! No i am not trying to revive Vanilla Ice (If i were doing that i would be doing GO NINJA GO NINJA GO! :D). As we here in the Midwest chiseled (Literally) out of an an ice storm it is only fitting that we review Snowbunny Padme. Let's start with her stats. For 23 points, you have a pretty typical/solid 70HP. I love 70HP at this point range because no matter if you are getting hit for 20 or 30, its going to take three attacks to take her down. Her defense and attack are standard for Padme and are quite good. She stands a solid chance at inflicting damage on most any character, save the big defense Jedi. Then again if she is near someone like that then you are in deep doodoo anyways. Her damage is also standard Padme.

Attack wise you could not ask for a better set on a commander. She has mobile attack and twin attack, so not only can she get two attacks off while moving, she can help attack while not revealing herself to enemy shooters. This is gold for a commander.

If her commander effect sounds familiar, it should. It is close to the same as her daughter's with two very important differences. The first is that it only grants +4 ATK but not the +10 damage that Princess Leia grants. The other major difference is a perk. Unlike Leia, Padma has access to Mas Amedda, meaning she can use her CE board wide instead of having to stay with in 6 of her follower. It is going to make her even harder to get to in order to kill her.

Great figure, right? Well, kind of. She is a really good figure, but she lacks the support that Leia has. There are two things that make this CE really good. The first is access to twin attack. Leia has access to both of Luke's speeders and Han Scoundrel. Right now, the republic only has access to STAP or Nelvaan Anakin for twin. This is one area i would really like to see the Republic grow in future sets. The other is massive damage output. Leia's +10DAM really helps abuse this. Padme lacks the extra damage, so you are going to have to rely on characters with cunning. Shaak Ti is about the only solid option at the moment. There is also Saesee Tiin from Clone Strike, but his single attack really hurts him. So you either have to hope for the init to do 90 with Shaak Ti or get the double twin with Nelvaan Anakin (the better of the two) for a possible 80.

Lastly, you get the sculpt. I think this has quickly become the second favorite Fan boy's costume right behind slave Leia's outfit.

100pts: she could work here. Her mobile twin will allow her to eliminate grunts or do damage to main characters. The biggest drawback is going to be the support. Your best bet will most likely be with Shaak Ti. She won't be great here, but she is worth a shot. Don't forget you also have all of the fringe options. Cade could be fun, but you also have Fett BH, Komari and Maris.

150/200pts: Here she will be fantastic. She is just as good as her daughter even though she lacks some of the perks of extra damage and faction support. If you get her, run her if you have one of the above mentioned figures, and unlike Aayla from earlier in the week, Padme is cheap enough to make it into a lot of squads.

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