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Mini of the Day

General Aayla Secura
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Dec. 17, 2008

Sith Dragon General Aayla Secura
Cost: 50
HP: 100
DEF: 22
ATK: + 12
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Cunning Attack

Force 4
Force Cloak; Force Deflect

CE: Allies with Order 66 gain double attack

When is a good thing plus a good thing a bad thing? When it is called General Secura. This is a figure people have been dying to get a remake of pretty much since the revenge of the sith set came out. Let's start with her stats. She is 50pts. This is a stat we will come back to later. Her defense is really good at 22. This is among the top of the Jedi with only a rare few having the higher 23 (most being Sith). The 12 attack is pretty bad for 50pts, but is still do-able.

Her abilities are pretty simple. She has the standard double attack, but she also has cunning. I would really have liked to have seen twin attack on her for what she does. I think it would make her much more effective as an attacker. The cunning is nice because then she is a 16 for 30 damage. Also, the way she dies on felucia, it is kind of like the clones won that initiative anyway. :)

Her force powers are really interesting, but again i think they kind of got it backwards. She has deflect, which is good, dont get me wrong, but its her second power that seems out of place. For two force she can gain force cloak like Juhani. This is a great ability, especially on a commander. It makes her very hard to take her out first. Here is why i say it is backwards. Most of the upper powered Jedi recently seem to be coming out with a greater percentage of block than deflect. Deflect is near worthless once she cloaks herself. Block would have made her a better defender as her main threat will usually be other melee since shooters will generally not base her unless you place her poorly. Granted, deflect is still good because once based, she can deflect a couple shots when based with a shooter.

Her CE is a good one for O66 fans. Characters with O66 gain double attack. This is great as there are only two O66 pieces that currently have double - the ISP and the kashyyyk trooper. Neither of these is exactly overpowering or widely played.

Now here is where i have my problem, and this is pretty much a me thing. Is she a Jedi or is she a commander? As a Jedi, she really lacks that certain something that makes you want to play her at 50points. Most Jedi at 50+ pts have some gimmick that makes them pretty good. She isnt bad by any means, but she lacks that something extra. As for her being a commander? Even though it is a great CE, 50 points is way too expensive for a clone commander. If clones were self reliant that would be different, but most clone squads need at least 1-2 more commanders. That will usually add up to 100pts of just commanders. If that wasnt bad enough, the only really good clones are either really expensive (15-17pts) or just lack...well...everything. Whether it is ARCs, Star Corp troopers, or Commandos you are going to be running the upper point cost characters. 100pts of commanders for 3-4 followers that are extremely fragile? That is never a good recipe.

Is she a good Jedi? Yes. Is she a good commander? Yes. Is she good at both for 50pts? Not so much. She just isnt good enough a Jedi for 50pts, and is too expensive a commander to really help the clones. As i said if you could run straight followers, she would be good, but you are going to need, the RCTS, Rex, Queen Amidala, Bacara, Gree, etc. Its just too much.

100pts: Nope. She lacks the power to do well here and you dont have room to make her a commander.

150pts: Her it is run at your own risk. Can she work here? Yes against some things, but i think her cost is just too prohibitive at 150. You cannot afford the other commanders that the clones need.

200pts: This is going to be her most effective format as you can get a good mix of commanders and followers. I really dont expect her to be tier 1 here, but she should be solid in most squad builds. Want fun? Pull her out and she will be pretty good.

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