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Mini of the Day

Gha Nachkt
Clone Wars

Date Reviewed: Dec. 10, 2008

Sith Dragon Gha Nachkt
Cost: 12
HP: 30
DEF: 13
ATK: +3
DAM: 10

Rapport(non-unique droids), Repair 10, Regeneration 10

Today we review the fat, repugnant, trandoshan that made the mistake of pushing Grievous too far. He is a cheap 12 points. You get a pretty bad 13 DEF, and +3 attack for 10 DAM. You would expect this on a 3 point character, but not 12. Then again, most of the time when you see stats that lag that badly behind the cost it usually has something to do with the abilities.

First off he has rapport with non-unique droids, making them cost one less. Gha is very similar to Queen Amidala in that his rapport may actually be useful. Most droid squads run enough droids that you are generally going to pick up 6-10 points without trying to utilize him. Gha also has regeneration 10. There are very few characters out there that can make use of this ability. Gha is not one of them. 30 HP just isnt enough to really make use of it. If he is getting shot at, he is going to drop fast. Finally, he has repair 10. This is pretty good as he is another source of cheap repair with Boshek. With some of the nice DR10 pieces out there, the ability to absorb damage goes up.

Gha is one of those pieces that is not bad, but at the same time, he is hardly ground breaking. If you want to use him, go for it. If not, you are not missing out on much. The more your build leans towards droid armies, the better he will be. As bad as a battle droid is, one that costs 3pts isnt near as bad. With Chameleon droids and lancers being popular right now, you may see Gha popping up quite a bit.

100pts: It isnt so much that he isnt usable here as it is a case that droids arent real playable here. If you have a droid squad you want to try and think you can fit him in, try it.

150/200pts: He is equally playable in either of these, being a cheap support grunt. He isn't a great piece, but he isn't bad either. Let's just say his uses are solid, but narrow.
Gha Nackht
Faction: Fringe
Cost: 12
HP: 30
Defense: 13
Attack: 3
Damage 10

Rapport 1 (Non-unique droids)
Repair 10
Regeneration 10

Today is Gha Nackht the one who had about 10-15 mins of screen time then died. But apparently, that gets you a mini and a good one at that. For 12 points your getting stats that while there not terrible are not great either a HP of 30 which really isn’t bad. A defense of 13 also not bad, an attack of +3 which is bad and a damage rating of 10 not bad but not great either.

His SA’s are nice. Especially when in squads with GG, DAC (General Grievous, Droid Army Commander). With his whole palooza of droids mainly due to the fact that he can repair damaged droid commanders and damage dealers (Super Battle Droid Commander and the Lancer), and he makes them all cost less which tends to build up so if you have 8 or droids in your squad you might as well put in Gha.

His really has no weakness he such a minor piece that really does not have any drawbacks any weakness would just be his stats but he usually has more than made his worth before the game even starts.

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