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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Vader, Scourge of the Jedi

Set - Knights of the Republic


Date Reviewed: August 26, 2008


Sith Dragon

Darth Vader, Scourge of the Jedi
Cost: 55
HP: 120
DEF: 21
ATK: +14
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Djem So; Jedi Hunter; Dark Armor

Force 4
Lightsaber Riposte; Lightsaber Throw 2

Yay! Today we kick off the new set with a brand new Vader!  Just what we needed right?  Well, this one manages to fall into yet another niche and is different than any other Vader to date.

It appears the new sweet spot for costing Vader seems to be in that 50-55pt range.  Vader's stats are good, but they are the lowest of any Vader.  He only has 120HP, the lowest DEF of any Vader other than RotS.  The attack is also on the low end but not so out of the norm.

Of course he has double attack.  Jedi hunter will help him hit big against fellow Jedi.  Its a good thing he only has double.  Scourge also has Dark Armor, so that 120 HP will stretch a bit further.  The new big thing is the addition of Djem So.  This is a new ability that pretty much puts Vader at the top of the melee hate list, but watch out.  It can backfire.  Two things that need to be noted.  If you are going to use a force power like riposte, you must declare it
before you roll the Djem So save.  You may then resolve them in any order.  The other thing of not is that Djem So is neither optional nor end-able.  You must roll the save.  If you make the save you have to make the attack even if it is on yourself or on a character with self destruct that you would rather not kill.  Also, for now it looks if you get a Luke vs Vader or Vader hitting himself that you would have to make the attacks as long as you keep making the saves.  There is some confusion on these rulings we are waiting to clear up.  Keep an ear to the pojo boards and i will post if anything changes.  The positive side is that Vader can reek havoc on melee and especially Jedi.  He basically gets a double riposte when hit by a melee attack.  While i think this can be a bit too powerful of an ability on someone like Vader, i like the fact that here is a response to Vong melee.

His force powers are limited as are his force points.  He needs a battery to help his 4 force points if you want to really make use of them.  Riposte gives him the ability to counter attack twice for one hit.  That is going to hurt for any Jedi trying to take him down.  Throw 2 is nice because you can move 6 and still get your double attack in from six squares away.

This Vader is very nice, but he does have his weaknesses.  He has no response to shooters, so its best for Jedi to have a heavy gun back up to soften him up a bit.  Granted he really cant defend against melee either other than to say "You hit me? HA! I hit you back twice."  I guess its a case of out offensing the other guy.  Also his low stats make him fall quickly.  This wont be an overpowering Vader, but he could be a lot of fun to play and can counter some strong melee squads.

100pts:  I dont think he is going to work overly well here.  He will hang with the Jedi melee as he can keep up on offense, and unlike the other big melee pieces, he has lots of room to bring in help.  His problem here is going to be against the ever growing presence of shooters in this format.

150/200pts: Here he will be effective, but i dont think he will be the best of the 50pt Vaders.  If someone likes running lots of Jedi, Vader should clean house.  Although a Jedi like Tyranus or Shaak are going to hang with him.  Either way, Vader is going to need lots of help, preferably either swap or shooters.  I'd go with shooters because the era of swap is going to die shortly after the release of the clone wars starter set. ;)  Balance will be the key to making him effective.

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