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image from Wizards of the Coast

Luke Skywalker, Force Spirit

Legacy of the Force

Date Reviewed: April 9, 2008

Sith Dragon Luke Skywalker, Force Spirit
New Republic
No Stats
Speed 4; Light Spirit

History has been made today. For the first time since we started the reviews, we are kicking off a new set by NOT reviewing Darth Vader. Its kinda hard when he isnt even in the set. So instead we are do Skywalker week and kick it off with dead Luke.

It is pretty sad when the best Luke we have to date is a ghost, but so he is. It is pretty simple he is basically Obi-Wan FS with one MAJOR exception (okay two if you count faction). Where Obi is very restrictive with his speed 2, Luke's speed 4 makes him much muck easier to tag along with his partner. Being able to move 8 and not have to worry about terrain and walls means he can be attached to a melee Jedi if you so choose.

The force renewal and mettle can be big if attached to the right character, and now we have lots of New Republic choices to choose from as well as any one fringe. You will either attach him for the renewal or mettle. Seldom will you take advantage of both in a single character unless the have evade or parry (or face something with lots of saves).

100pts: Here i am not going to say he cannot be used, but to be honest, I dont see him being used much here, just because most of your choices are not going to do well in 100.

150/200pts: He works well in either of these. He is by no means a must, but as i said, he can be handy for mettle to characters with evade (aka bithed Mara, Jedi), or characters that need renewal because they burn FP fast (aka Thursday's character ;)). He is as solid as Obi, but that speed 4 makes a huge difference.

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