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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Rebel Troop Cart
Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: April 1, 2008

willismaximus Rebel Troop Cart

Cost: 15
HP: 50
Def: 18
Att: +0
Dam: +0
Speed 8

Troop Cart (This character can transport up to 1 Large ally or 2 Small or Medium allies who end their moves adjacent to it. Remove those allies from the battle grid; they move simultaneously with this character, have cover, and are considered adjacent to it. They can make attacks, counting distance from this character. A transported ally can return to the battle grid immediately before your first activation of the round. If this character is defeated, all transported allies are also defeated; save 6.)

Alrighty, today we have the Rebel Troop Cart . . . or as some call it, Skiff 2.0. Stat-wise, we have a decent 50 HP and a solid 18 defence. Unlike the skiff, you might actually miss this guy. You loose the attack and damage rating of the skiff but seriously, no one played the skiff for that.

So, how exactly does this guy differ from its estranged brother? One of the oddities of the skiff was that range to the transported characters was determined as range to the skiff +1. Not so with the cart. Range is counted to the cart and that's it. So what kind of implications does this have? Well, essentially, if you're adjacent to the cart, then you're adjacent to it's passengers. Melee opponents can attack your figs in the cart and you're melee pieces can attack FROM the cart. Your passengers still get cover from non-adjacent attacks, but since it's the same distance to the cart as it is to the passengers, your opponent can shoot at either without needing accurate shot assuming the cart is the closest fig. I could go on forever explaining the oddities of this piece and you can see why ruling on it can be such a nightmare . . . not unlike the skiff really.

There are two figures that are BFF with this piece, this first of whom we review the other day: the Hoth Trooper with Repeating Blaster Cannon. Throw his sad 'speed 1' butt in his buggy and suddenly he can move 16 squares and still make all his attacks. The other piece you should consider is Master Kota (whose partner in crime should be Chewy, Rebel Hero, who can bodyguard both Kota and the skiff.) It's been ruled that Kota's repulse doesn't affect other passengers or the cart itself . . . and since range is counted from the cart, the radius of the blast grows slightly. It can be devastating if you can pull it off.

Do note that the cart doesn't have flight like the skiff does, so terrain will bog down that impressive speed 8. It's also worth noting that when the cart dies (and die it will) the save required for passengers on board is only a 6, rather than the skiff's 11.

100pts 1/5: Don't try it here. It'll drop like a ton of lead.

150pts: 3/5: Here you have enough room to set up a gimmick with some support.

200pts 3/5: Bout the same here.

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