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image from Wizards of the Coast

Han Solo, Galactic Hero
Legacy of the Force

Date Reviewed: April 23, 2008

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.00
150 pt: 5.00
200 pt: 5.00

Sith Dragon Han Solo, Galactic Hero
New Republic
Cost: 50
HP: 90
DEF: 19
ATK: +10
DAM: 20

Greater Mobile, Cunning Attack; Accurate Shot; Never Tell Me the Odds; Evade; Disruptive; Double Attack

This week we are looking at two of the biggest New Republic characters from this set. We start off with the new Han Solo. This guy is just incredibly big. For 50 points his cost is a bit high, but he has enough abilities to justify it. His stats are pretty stereo typical Han Solo. They are the best stats he has had in awhile (reminiscent of Han, Rebel Hero). He gets a one point boost to his attack, but the rest is pretty normal.

Now you get to what really makes him worth 50 points. This Han has Han's normal Accurate and Cunning, but from there nothing is average. This Han has NTMtO, so no opponents will be able to use init modifying characters against you. Its straight up initiative rolling. This Han has evade, so it really stretches his HP, provided you can make his saves, something i can never do. A lot of the Hans have Mobile. This one has the new gimmick from this set in Greater Mobile and Double Attack. Han can run out double attack and then hide again. Why is this better than twin? Simple - you can attack two different targets. Finally, Han has Disruptive. Han can shut down any commander effect within 6 squares. This is huge because he is the first of two characters to bring in beefy disruptive to the game. Shooters cant drop him fast enough, and Jedi are going to have a hard time catching him, as he should be buried behind the rest of your squad. This Han is basically an amalgam of every Han we have to date so far, except maybe Stormie Han. The only real downside to this Han is that he only has a +10 ATK, so he will have a hard time hitting big Jedi in cover, especially without his Cunning.

100pts: I havent seen him here. At 50pts you have tons of room to bring in help and lots of it, as well as some good tech. If he gets caught, he will likely go down fast, but he can do some damage before he gets caught. He has potential here, but it will depend on what else you bring.

150pts: You can bring him with success here, but he isnt going to hold down the fort by himself. His attack is going to struggle against big Jedi, but his disruptive will shut down lots of squads. You can also bring in some major damage inducing help.

200pts: Here he can run for all his glory. The 50pts can be a bit expensive for this format and 150, but he is worth it. At 200, you are going to be able to bring lots of help, and NR now has the tech and beef to be effective in both formats. If well placed, he can be a very big distraction to your opponent and can really make them divide their fire, or ignore your beats to get rid of him. His low attack keeps him from being uber, but the rest of him is pretty sweet.
Han Solo, Galactic Hero

Faction: New Republic
Cost: 50

HP: 90
Def: 19
Att: +10
Dam: 20

Never Tell Me The Odds
Greater Mobile Attack

And finally the New Republic get they're very own Han, now with 100% more "galacticness." No longer do we have to run Jaina to bring in a Rebel Han (although that's still a very viable option.) So, stat-wise he's pretty low across the board. 90 HP is typical of a Han, as is the 19 Defence. +10 Attack is second only to Rebel Hero and of course 20 Damage is standard. What REALLY sets this guy off is his ridiculous amount of abilities, all of which are huge.

First off, Han GH has Greater Mobile, Double Attack, Cunning and Accurate. Essentially, he can mobile from behind cover, chose any target he can see (nearly,) make both attacks at +14 for 30 damage on an unactivated opponent (or one on two different opponents, as you can chose a different target for each attack,) and then move back behind cover. In other words, he's very solid offensively. Defensively, assuming you finally get close enough to take a shot, Han has evade to help out his subpar HP and Defence. Melee pieces will ruin his face though, so try and keep him behind the front lines.

But wait, there's more! In addition to a solid offensive shooter, we also get an amazing support piece! Never Tell Me The Odds nullifies any ability that modifies initiative including Master Tactician, Recon, and Tactics Broker. (Anticipation still works though, as it is a force power.) If that wasn't enough, the Galactic Gods of Awesome have also bestowed the Disruptive ability upon him, negating all enemy Commander Effects within six squares.


100pts 3/5: Here, considering there are very few initiative modifiers or CE's played, some of his useful abilities aren't going to do much for you. He's still a solid shooter with another 50 pts to help him out, but with only 90 HP, he's gonna struggle.

150pts 5/5: We start seeing Thrawn, Tactics Brokers, and CE's here so that by itself will make him extremely effective. With 100 pts left to build with, there are already a handful of very effective squads in this format that use Han GH.

200pts 5/5: Same as 150, but even more points to play with. Wicked awesome here.

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