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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Krayt
Legacy of the Force

Date Reviewed: April 16, 2007

Sith Dragon
Darth Krayt
Cost: 76
HP: 130
DEF: 21
ATK: +13
DAM: 20

Triple Attack; Deadly Attack; Vonduun Crab Armor 6

Force 2; FR 1
Force Lightning; Lightsaber Sweep

CE: Followers within 6 gain extra attack

Today we look at the newest Sith Lord from the Legacy comic.  76 points puts him up into the elite costed Jedi, but is he worth it?  for that 76 points you get stats that, quite honestly, are pretty mediocre for the cost.  Characters all the way down into the 50s have stats like this.  This usually means there there is something else causing the point boost.  He has triple attack.  This alone usually adds 10 points to a character.  Three attacks are good, but keep in mind that he will be rolling 9-12s against most of today's jedi.  Deadly attack is good, but it really wont add much as a whole.  VCA6 is where things start to get interesting.  Essentially, Krayt has a 70% damage reduction that works against Jedi.  This allows him to practically ignore grunts and shrug off bigger blows that would kill most.

His force powers are good.  He has renewal and force lightning, so he can do damage from range that cannot be evaded and can help control bodyguards.  He also has sweep, so again a form of crowd control.  Nothing overly threatening, but not bad.  His CE is good.  He is essentially a General Windu for the Sith.  The difference is that he doesnt have the support that windu has.  It is a good CE, but the range hurts and the lack of solid grunts stings as well.

So is he worth the points?  For the most part yes.  He is big and can last a very long time with his VCA6, but he is similar to Bane in that if your opponent can concentrate on him, he will still fall fast, and not effectively earn his cost.

100pts:  He has the beef to last with the big boys here, but he really doesnt have the faction support that many of the others have, and his average stats dont help as well.  His success or failure is going to do more with your skill than the quality of the piece.

150pts:  I actually think he suffers a bit here, like Bane.  He is still good, but like Bane he doesnt have the offense to hold the team by himself against the top squads, even though those squads are shifting more.  Again, any success or failure is going to do alot with how well you play him.  The Sith need more tech support for this level.

200pts: Here his viability goes up a bit.  You now have enough room to bring in more power, and he doesnt have to shoulder the load, whether it be someone like Cade, or a meat screen for someone like Lumiya.  You will still need to be very careful how you play him, as again the lack of Sith support really hurts.  A stable of beef doesnt help much without the smaller tech support.  Just ask the Seps about that.  He is good and will hopefully get better as we get more Sith pieces and the faction fills out more.

Darth Krayt


Faction: Sith
Cost: 76

Hit Points: 130
Defense: 21
Attack: +14
Damage: 20
Special Abilities: Unique; Pilot; Melee Attack; Deadly Attack; Triple Attack; Vonduun Crab Armor 6
Force Powers: Force 2; Force Renewal 1; Force Lightning 2; Lightsaber Sweep
Commander Effect: Followers within 6 squares gain Extra Attack (On its turn, this character can make 1 cumulative extra attack instead of moving).


Keeping in tradition with the Sith faction, Darth Krayt is a high cost melee beatstick.  We'll decide shortly whether or not he's worth the hefty 76 pts.  At first glance his stats are solid . . . but lower than you would expect from a piece in this range (think General Windu or Vader JH.)  The only thing I think is simply too low is the +14 attack with no SA to boost it (outside of Wicket, flanking support, etc.)  Triple attack is always great but with no way of Krayt by himself boosting the attack or damage ratings I feel like he falls flat . . . for nearly half of a 200pt squad.  Lightning 2 helps make up for this a bit by allowing Krayt to auto-30-damage from six away, but it's still going to be difficult doing enough damage to a high defence beat.  So, as far as offensively, he's decent but not what I like out of a 76pt piece. 


So how bout defensively?  Well, 130HP is low for a Sith Lord in this range and the 21 defence is average.  However, Krayt more than makes up for this with Crab Armor 6, courtesy of all those crazy experiments the Vong ran on him.  Crab armor works on anything from force powers to lightsabers, so whenever Krayt takes damage from anything at all, roll a 6 or better and reduce the damage by 10.  A great ability and the only instance of it being on anything other than a Vong.  Suddenly he doesn't seem so bad, considering his ridiculous survivability.  He's got one more good thing going for him as well.


His CE was plundered straight off General Windu's card, granting all followers an extra attack.  That means all his sith buddies who don't have CE's themselves get to swing/shoot once more per round.  Nihilus can triple.  Lumiya can too, but with the added bonus of her Melee Reach 3.  Even the mighty Bane can now drop three 50 damage bombshells on an adjacent force user (although I admit running these two together is overkill and a very bad idea.)  All those great fringe followers work great as well.  Cade in particular comes to mind as he would now be able to shoot 6 times if he stands still (triple + twin) . . . and as an added bonus, his splash will rarely ever hit Krayt due to the Crab Armor save (12.5% chance is all.)  In short, lots of good synergies with this CE.


100pts 2/5:  Bane will kill Krayt in two activations regardless of Crab Armor.  Vader JH will kill him in 2 plus change (plus he needs 9's just to hit Vader.)  He really needs to be able to stand toe-to-toe with pieces like these in this format if he's going to be 3/4's of your squad.  I wouldnt use him here.


150pts 2/5:  Here he gets a little better as you can bring in some support to benefit from his CE.  Unfortunately he's still more than half your squad so it's going to be tough keeping him alive for long.


200pts 3/5:  If you're going to run him, do it here.  There will be plenty of options for support and good synergies with other high cost beats.  Not top tier, mostly due to his faction, but he can tough it out ok with the right friends.


(Side note:  Don't even ask why he has pilot.  Currently this does nothing for him.  Look forward to a possible synergy in a future set.)

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