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image from Wizards of the Coast

Cade Skywalker
Bounty Hunter

Legacy of the Force

Date Reviewed: April 11, 2008

Sith Dragon Cade Skywalker
HP: 110
DEF: 20
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

BH +4; Twin Attack; Double Attack; Splash 10

Force 5
Force Heal 40 (F2); Force Push 3

Today we cover the future of the Skywalker legacy - and we thought Anakin had it bad.  Cade is definitely a beast, made even more powerful by the fact that he is fringe.  For 61 points you are getting a lot of power, not too dissimilar from Fett and other attackers of this level.  Usually, power attackers at this have one of two damage outputs - high damage attacks or normal damage attacks and lots of them.  Cade is obviously the latter with four possible attacks at two different targets.  His 20 DEF is solid, and his 12 is a good start with a possible 16 against uniques.  The only thing that Cade lacks is accurate, but then he would be really sick and easily a 70pt fig.

Cade only has two force powers with a fixed amount of force points, but they are pretty good.  Cade can take a bunch of damage then get out of the fray to heal 40 DAM off of himself (or ally).  Being able to heal off 80 DAM is huge.  The force push is a good way to get out of range of big attackers that are basing him.

100pts: I havent seen him here, but being fringe he can definitely find the right help to be competitive.  Han RH can boost his damage output.  Thrawn can give you auto init.  Kel-Dors can help hit and then go boom.  Give him a swing.  He has potential.

150/200pts: Here Cade can have lots of help from every faction.  His limits are the limits of your imagination.  Having no defensive powers or accurate, you will have to pick your strikes, but that shouldnt be too hard.  He isnt over powered, but played well, he can cause a lot of damage.  Garm can let him move and still get off all of his attacks.  Thrawn can swap.  He can back up bigger characters by shooting the path clear, or heal them after they take damage.
willismaximus Cade Skywalker
Cost: 61
Hp: 110
Def: 20
Att: +12
Dam: 20
Bounty Hunter +4
Double Attack
Twin attack
Splash 10
Force 5
Force Heal 40 (Force 2, replaces attacks, touch; remove 40 damage from living character.
Force Push 3 (Force 3, replaces turn; 30 damage to target and adjacents and push back target and  adjacents 3 squares if huge or smaller.)
Wow, what a beast we have today.  Skywalker's decendant, Cade, is one extremely solid piece.  For 61 points the stats can be a little decieving.  110 HP is solid, but lower than most would want on a piece this expensive.  The 20 Defence is also solid, especially since Kota can boost it to an outstanding 23.  The attack of +12 on a non-melee piece is also great.  As good as his stats are, his abilities and force powers are what really make him shine.
That respectable +12 attack becomes an amazing +16 when shooting at uniques, due to bounty hunter.  The best part though is that, with twin and double, he gets to do it 4 times at up to two different targets!  80 damage to a single fig from a shooter?  Yes please.  Remember, you can also move Cade and still get to shoot twice, so no matter what, you have a chance at 40 damage.  Splash 10 is a bit of a double edged sword.  Four attacks per turn means splash will hit pretty often and can nickle and dime your opponent, not to mention help pick off stormies with retarded defence.  However, since Cade lacks accurate shot, he's often going to be forced to shoot at an uggy, or fig that is based to either an ally or Cade himself.  When you start hiting yourself with splash, you'll quickly wish he didn't have that particular ability.  Unfortunatly push 3 won't help much in this situation either, as it damages adjacents as well.  When it comes to this I like to turn to his other force power . . . Heal 40.
Yup, that's right.  For the same cost as a heal 20 you can instantly heal an adjacent ally or yourself for 40 damage.  Simply amazing, especially when you put Obi LS or Luke LS on Cade, giving him renewal and mettle.  Force spirit from Qui-Gon, either of the rebel Obi's or yoda works great as well.  Remember, Cade is fringe, so there are planty of amazing combos out there for him.
100pts  3/5:  There are so many combos for Cade that he can do quite well here if you can keep the big beats out of your face.
150pts  4/5:  Here he really starts getting the support he needs.  R2 Astro, Kota, Han RH or ST, Bothan Nobles . . . the list really is endless.
200pts  4/5:  All that is good at 150 is typically better at 200.  The lack of accurate is the only thing keeping me from giving him a 5 in both formats.   

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