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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

c3po - R2d2
Set: Alliance & Empire


Date Reviewed: Sept. 7, 2007

Sith Dragon c3po - R2d2
Cost: 18
HP: 60
DEF: 17
ATK: 0
DAM: 0

Override; Draw Fire; Regeneration 10; Disruptive

Today we review another masterful piece for the rebellion. The new R2-PO is second only to Princess in affecting how the rebels are played. They, along with Talon, have put great fear into commander heavy squads, and have changed the way the meta shapes up.

First of all, their stats are pretty good for only 18 points. The 60 Hp is awesome, and the 17 DEF is not bad for a non-Jedi. Of course there is no attack value, but with their powers, that is good. Of course anything with R2 is going to have Override, so automatically you have door control with more hit points then any of the other override characters. Regeneration really doesn't come in handy when trying to stop a concentrated effort to destroy the piece, but if a couple of grunts get lucky hits, R2PO can heal some of that back. Draw fire is a nice way to keep the fragile rebel units alive longer. Where regeneration can really come into play though, is when using Chewie RH. Not only can Chewie play bodyguard for R2PO, but he can also repair them if you do not want him to attack.

The final ability, override, is crucial. It helps put the brakes on so many commander based teams that most people have either lessened the number and type of Ce they use, but also have started using CE's for long range shooters that won't need to get close to R2PO. It has also given the rebels a nice anti black and blue ability, since characters cannot be swapped out of its bubble.

100pts: home of the beat sticks.......not a chance.

150/200pts: I am lumping these together again because they are equally good in both formats. R2PO makes a very nice defensive piece that helps the rebels not only be competitive, but also gives them meta squad possibilities. This piece is a must if you run rebels. He is just that good for his points.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

"The Bothans rooked us again." Obi-Wan (pink5 Returns Vol2)

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