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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Wookie Freedom Fighter
Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: Sept. 20, 2007

Sith Dragon Wookiee Freedom Fighter
Cost: 14
HP: 50
DEF: 14
ATK: +7
DAM: 10

Charging Assault +10; Momentum; Demolish

If Tuesday's review was the swiss army knife of A&E, then today's piece is the tank of the set. For only 14 points, you get a whopping 50 HP. The defense is the standard wookiee 14, and the +7 is one base point better than his other wookiee Brethren. The 10 base damage is standard for wookiees.

Now you add in what makes this wookiee a beast are his special abilities. First off is charging assault. I am kind of surprised by this for the simple reason that the WFF is a rebel that came out in the same set as Han ST, but its still a major bonus to the piece, especially when you add in the +10 DAM. Top that off with momentum and you have a piece that can slam into an opponent with a +11 for 30 DAM. Considering that you get +30HP, and +10 DAM for only four points more, i would say this piece is very comparable to the aqualish assassin. Finally, he has demolish which could be a great option if any pieces from Force Unleashed bring back Damage Reduction.

100pts: Not really much of a piece here.

150pts: He can be good here, although it is hard to generally fit them in because of the scarcity of points, but one of the Gencon Top 8 ran several of these as forward meat shields with Han, Scoundrel. If you can find the room to fit them in, they are quite beefy.

200pts: Not only are they very good for the Rebels here, but now you can begin to look at bringing them into the Republic squads via Gree. Once you do that, you can use Tarfful for an extra ATK bonus, and Master Yoda can use them as bodyguards. You can build lots of squads around them or use them to round out squads. Either way their beef is incredible as is their assaulting ability. They can also take out either of the disruptive pieces with two charging assaults. The only drawback is once they are based, they become much less, but once they slam into someone there generally isn't much left.

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